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On Superpower Futures And Vancouver’s Inability To House Its People

Sean Orr comments on Justin Trudeau cooking s'mores, how climate change could turn Canada into a Global superpower, more....

On Drifting Frozen Stiffs And The Coming Of The Neoliberal Apocalypse

On Living In A Banana Smoothie Republic And The Future Of Football

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Donald Trump is president and he pulled out of the Paris Agreement, which was terrible anyway, while we are trapped in collective denial vis a vis scientific reticence as Gregor sits there in his fucking penthouse with a wood burning stove while literally thousands are dying in the streets and nobody can afford to live here."

On ‘Douchebag’ Getting Its Due And Orcas Terrifying A Couple Of Bros

On Christy’s Last Lie & Chinatown Awaiting Its Bob Rennie Makeover

On Picking The Wrong Side And Mobs On The Intellectual Landscape

On Acid Trips In Thailand & Tracking Gangs Of Aggressive Killer Whales

On Rising Fascist Tides And Shots At Last Call For The Working Class

On 86ing Gastown And The Inside Job Of Vancouver’s Housing Crisis

On Mowing Tornadoes And Paying Restaurant Workers A Little More

On Cautious Optimism And The Costs Of Doing Restaurant Business

On Electoral Aftermath, Renegade Yoga And Keeping Cocaine Receipts

On Avocado Toast And Boomers Plotting Riots Outside The U2 Show

On What Just Happened And It Being Time We Made Voting Mandatory

On Media Endorsements, Hidden Booze Taxes, And The End Being Near

On Pigeons Making Bad Decisions & Politics Shadier Than Rainforests

On Debatable Political Victories And Loving Jeff Goldblum’s Sausage

On Truth’s End And The Ongoing Triumphs Of Incredibly Shitty People

On Thawing Precious Little Snowflakes And Sycophantic Charades

On Political Nightmares And Baller Baby Boomers Ruling The Afterlife

On Trips To Portland And Who Asked For Another Browns Social House?

On Taking Christy’s Cash And The Future Flooding Of St. Paul’s Hospital

On Vetting Comments And Lamenting Litter During The Opioid Crisis

On Local Journalism’s Demise And The Soldiers Of Mom’s Basement

On Cardboard Politicians And Financially Dooming Accursed Millennials

On Taxpayer-Funded Ads And Babiarz’ Sasquatch Goin’ Out Fer Big Rips

On Failing Canadians On Cannabis And Our Need To Hail Rides At 4am

On Convincing Elites And Saving False Creek From The Dolphin Scourge

On The City’s Lame New Logo And Its Non-Gentrifying ’70s Generation

On Copying Andy Dixon & Welcoming The Trump Family To Vancouver

On Trudeau’s Handshake With Trump And Letting Palin Loose In Ottawa

On Giant Snow Penises And Christy Clark’s Shudder-Worthy Interview

On Cooking Gentri-Fried Rice And Taking It Slow With Ignorant Racists

On Warning Sticker Fixes And Seeking Solidarity Beyond The Pussy Hat

On Draining Swamps And Trading The Brickhouse For More Ugly Condos

On Donnelly Doom, Wild West Cash And The Big, Bad Lords Of Asstown

On Right Wing Populism & Old Albertans Thinking BC Is Totally Stoned

On Churches Being Mean And Albertans Punching Cougars In The Face

On Fascist Goofs, Darth Vader Clarifications And Skating Lost Lagoon

On Fearing For Nelson And The Political Death Of Liberal Pop Culture

On The Prime Minister’s Smugness & Surveying Canadian Indifference

On Surviving Flurries & The Economic Arguments For A Latté Pipeline

On Trudeau Trolling B.C. & The Under-Appreciated Effects Of Oil Spills

On Our Marie Antoinette Moments & Vapes Making People Look Stupid

On Journalists Jumping Ship & Our Mayor Waking Up, Ever So Briefly

On The Premier’s Hatred Of Pot And Baby Boomers Ruining Everything

On Blue Collar Populism, Barbershop Cocktails & Taxing Empty Houses

On Seeing Into Canada’s Trumpian Future & The Siren Call Of Cascadia

On Making Democracy Safe For Memes And The Post-Factual Future

On The Worst Person In Alberta & Hurling Abuse At Emergency Crews

On Borders Killing Bands & The Growing Creepiness Of Local Landlords

On Gassing Bike Thieves, Maplewashing And Trolling Condo Developers

On Throwing Pumpkin Seeds And The Distraction Of The US Election

On Firing Everyone And The End Of Days Storm That Never Happened

On Poorly Named Coffee Shops And Vancouver Surviving Without Uber

On Defending Canadian Identity And The Subtle Arts Of Gentrification

On Selling Dog Balls And Shelling Out $1,450 Per Month For Tiny Boxes

On Royally Stoned Cooks & Millennial Selfies For The End Of The World

On Hollow Platitudes & Civilian Foot Patrols By Norse Deity Fetishists

On Playing Games With Fentanyl & Rental Porn On Commercial Drive

On Testing Immigrants, Open Plan Sex And Fighting The Sobriety Gods

On The Sauder School Of Sensitivity & The Perversity Of Trees In Parks

On Right-Wing Lefties & Public Art Softening The Blow Of Rising Rents

On Bursting Bubbles And The Danger Of Unicorns Replacing Sous Chefs

On Bros Doing Beaches & Vancouver’s Aversion To Good Architecture

On Gawking At Yuppies And The Symbolic Silliness Of Diner En Blanc

On Poverty Tourism And The Unrelenting Contagion Of Self Absorption

On Shutting Down The Granville Shitshow & Ruining Beach Nuptials

On Tent Cities, Homeless Students & Feeling Sad For Foreign Investors

On Manufacturing Terror Threats And More Yarns From The Condo King

On Firework Fights And Why Christy Clark Will Win The Next Election

On Pokemon Madness, Bad Feng Shui & Playing The ‘Race Card’ Card

On Silly Cops And The Role Of Racism In YVR’s Housing Clusterfuck

On Exposing Yourself To Gastown & Ridiculing The New Housing ‘Data’

On Ancient Beer Ads And Shutting Schools Where They’re Needed Most

On Duelling Xenophobias & Putting Money Down On A Housing Collapse

On Christy Clark’s ‘Bold Action’ And Those Poor Bastards In Point Grey

On New Media Paywalls, Bad Parking Jobs & Taxing Mayoral Promises

On Scumbag Developers And The Trouble With Self-Obsessed NIMBYs

On Van Mag’s Implosion And Selling Chinatown To The Highest Bidder

On Soup Cans & Renting A Luxury Shoebox In The Middle Of The Road

On Journalism’s Bad Day & How Airbnb Is Gutting YVR’s Rental Options

On Immoral Obligations And Ignoring Everything Bob Rennie Ever Says

On Realtors With Lasers For Eyes & Gregor Defending The Indefensible

On Diamond Encrusted Weirdness And Optional Helmets For Cyclists

On Whining Politicians, Thieving Crows, And Animating Gentrification

On Spoiled Rich Big Kids Throwing Elbows And Revitalizing Pigeon Park

On Playing Commercial Drive Bingo And Selling Mansions To Students

On Mocking Landlords & The Ridiculous Entitlement Of Bootsauce Fans

On Crushing Dreams And Cops Using Helicopters To Herd Young Artists

On Killing Pollinators & Building A Wall To Keep BC Safe From Alberta

On Dive-Bombing Crows, Headless Bears, & The Worst Town In Canada

On Alberta’s Beef With Earls & How To Properly Tip A Political Leader

On Celebrities Singing At Supper And John Galt Wannabes On The DTES

On Imagining A Weedless 4/20 And Snoop Dogg’s Lecture On The DTES

On Psychos Renting In Kits & Stealing Lamborghinis Instead Of Bikes

On East Van Stereotypes And Bros Gone Wild On A Summer Beer Cruise

On Protesting Protesters & Vancouver’s Long History Of Screwing Itself

On Rolling The Panama Papers & Doing Lines Of Coke At Tim Hortons

On Eating Caviar With Christy And Abandoning Vancouver In Despair