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On Royally Stoned Cooks & Millennial Selfies For The End Of The World


by Sean Orr | I’m just going to dive right in with the most depressing news of all time: Enjoy Earth While It Lasts: Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass the Point of No Return.

And by “depressing” I mean it’s tough to have a gorgeous young millennial wearing a shirt that says “Good Lovin'” tell us that we’ve reached the tipping point and as a result we should all “recycle”. This was then followed by a video titled Rob Kardashian Reportedly Convinced Black Chyna is Going to Leave Him. Yup, burn it all to the fucking ground.

Because guess what? The Trudeau government just approved the Pacific NorthWest LNG project for BC’s coast and they can’t explain why. The only plausible reason is that they want to promote future job growth in the disaster relief sector.

I would laugh if it wasn’t so heartbreaking. I mean, that picture alone – them standing there in the sunset along the Fraser River looking wistfully at the future…it’s like the scene in Terminator 2 and we are all Sarah Connor standing at the chain link fence trying to scream while the ocean literally begins to boil.

The PM could not be reached for comment because he was hanging out with Emma Watson. It’s not clear if they discussed the Panama Papers or their common Muggle parentage.

It is also not clear if they stopped to take a selfie with a terror suspect.

Let’s just get this over with… Royals Yukon: Will And Kate Pick Modest Hotel For Their Night In Whitehorse. Instead of discussing how the north will bear the brunt of irreversible climate change, we are talking about a hotel. To be fair though, HuffPo did some stellar research:

Ron H wrote on TripAdvisor that it was “blatantly obvious” that waitresses and cooks were smoking marijuana out by the dumpster, something he blamed for “all the mistakes” they made with his orders.

That is some top-notch journalism right there. Not quite as in depth, however, as their investigative report on vagina farts.

Cue the artful segué to BC politics: New Poll Shows Perils For BC Liberals and NDP. This, of course, is exactly what Clark wants. They want to be trailing. Because “these days, conventional wisdom is usually wrong. Trump. Bernie. Rob Ford. Rachel Notley. Christy Clark in 2013…”

Let’s hope she has some spectacular Allepo moments in the months to come.

Either that or people get disgusted enough to take action: Hidden cameras catch Vancouver landlords asking for sex, not rent.

If you’re concerned about this, there’s an affordable housing conference hosted by the City of Vancouver called Re:Address Summit. It costs $370. And no, I am not fucking joking.

My rage is calmed only by this piecemeal concession: Vancouver proposes regulation and legalization of short-term stays to increase rental supply. It’s illegal in my building but that doesn’t stop buddy upstairs from doing it…

Meanwhile, out east: Real estate groups urge Ontario not to impose tax on foreign buyers. “In other news, drug dealers ask the police to lighten up about fentanyl.” – Andrew Pressault

Honour bound: This Back Alley ‘Harm Reduction’ Tent in Vancouver Isn’t Asking Permission to Operate.

Bonus: B.C. filmmaker exposes how the fashion industry pollutes the world’s waterways.

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