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Region: The Okanagan
2686 Middle Bench Rd., Keremeos, BC


May to October, 10am – 5:30pm or by appointment (255-499-5504)


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The People

Owners: Tim Cottrill and Caroline Cottrill

About Robin Ridge Winery

In 1996 the Cottrill Family had a dream to turn their new parcel of rocks and weeds of this ridge into luscious organic grapes and ultimately fine wines. The plan was to eventually grow and sell grapes (well at least that is what Caroline thought) but Tim always secretly aspired to take the next step and open a winery. Eventually Tim’s dream prevailed and Robin Ridge Winery became a reality with the first commercial crush in 2006 with production of just 800 cases.
Tim, trained in Viticulture through Okanagan College, has chosen to grow his vines on a Geneva Double Curtain trellis. Robin Ridge Winery uses the Geneva Double Curtain Trellis style to allow more light into the fruiting zone while at the same time increasing the surface area of the canopy. This allows the grapes to become optimally ripe producing intense and unique flavours. This system is incredibly labour intensive but the downward growing canopy perfectly exposes the fruit to the warm Similkameen sunshine achieving optimum ripeness and flavour. This combined with the unmatched climate of the South Similkameen Valley in British Columbia’s Southern Interior makes for superb grapes, and, with the assistance of the exacting skills of the Cottrill’s, an exclusive line of remarkable wines. Tim and Caroline are convinced that good winemaking is about expressing the flavours of the wonderful grapes. When the time came for Tim to focus on winemaking, he chose to work with the well-known Lawrence Herder to perfect his skills in the cellar. His winemaking style is based on quality rather than quantity. The low yielding fruit produces perfectly ripe grapes and Tim’s job is then to preserve those flavours through to the bottle.

The winemaking begins in the vineyard, with regular trips through the vines to thin the fruit and reduce yields to produce intensely flavoured grapes. The Robin Ridge certified organic vineyards are now well over 20 years old and the Cottrill’s have developed a good understanding of how to extract the most flavour from their piece of terroir.

The pursuit of a great berry transformed into the perfect wine is the constant goal of Robin Ridge Winery and they invite you to take as much pleasure in their wine as they do in creating it.

Robin Ridge wines are increasingly finding a home in a number of top restaurants and retail outlets throughout BC. Tim and Caroline are truly hands on working the dirt, making the wine and educating customers.

While visiting the wine shop, take a stroll through the vineyard, stop for a picnic and enjoy the stunning view.

Accolades & Reviews

What keeps me coming back is one of the best medium reds in the province, their Gamay. A lovely wine that matched well with all manner of cheese that I could fling at it, this wine has a beautiful brooding dark fruit aroma…Definitely check out this place before heading out to Osoyoos. You won’t regret it.” — James L., Yelp

Robin Ridge is a Similkameen-based winery owned by Tim and Caroline Cottrill. The ‘Flicker’ (I assume it’s named for the red breast of this beautiful woodpecker) is copper in colour with aromas of preserved orange peel, cedar chips, rhubarb and wild berries. It has a kiss of sweetness with berry, peach stone citrus and cedary flavours culminating in spice. Good structure and power here with pristine fruit, juicy character and mouthwatering dry finish.” — Wine Scores

Robin Ridge Winery Gamay 2014 Wine ReviewNatalie MacLean

Robin Ridge Gamay 2014 Anthony Gismondi on Wine

Robin Ridge 2016 Chardonnay – Gold Medal 2018 All Canadian Wine Championships

Robin Ridge Pinot Noir the last 3 vintages – Gold Medal All Canadian Wine Championships

Robin Ridge 2012 Meritage – Silver National Wine Award

Robin Ridge 2013 Merlot – Silver BC Wine Award & National Wine Award

Robin Ridge 2015 Gamay – Silver BC Wine Award

Robin Ridge 2016 Riesling – Bronze Medal All Canadian Wine Championships