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Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
826 Renfrew St.


Sunday-Monday Closed
Tuesday 4pm-9pm
Wednesday 4pm-9pm
Thursday 4pm-10pm
Friday 4pm-10pm
Saturday 2pm-10pm


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The People

Operations / Owner / Executive Chef – Marc D. Wicks

About Whiskey Six BBQ

Whiskey Six BBQ brings together traditional barbecue and organic ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. We want to challenge the traditional view of BBQ without compromising on ingredients and reinvent what can be created on the grill and smoker. This is West Coast BBQ.

W6BBQ was started by Marc D. Wicks. After years of ownership and management with some Calgarian food and beverage collaborations, Marc moved to Vancouver to start up this concept restaurant. Since 2015 the dream has evolved from a “pop up” restaurant, to a catering company and now to a restaurant and events company.

Why the name Whiskey Six? I found inspiration from the 1920’s McLaughlin H44 Buick, AKA “The Whiskey Six”, that was the rum running muscle car of it’s time. To honor our Canadian bootlegging history, W6 offers an array of brown liquor from Vancouver’s own small batch distillers, East Van craft beer, as well as a selection of fine whiskies from around the world.

Whiskey Six is more than a restaurant, we are a catering and events company as well. With our catering division we offer personal touches we are able to ensure our dishes are presented at the highest level of quality and expertise. We cater weddings, engagement parties, stagettes, stags, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, family gatherings, celebration of life receptions, etc. to showcase the most fresh and unique BBQ experience possible.


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