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On Diamond Encrusted Weirdness And Optional Helmets For Cyclists


by Sean Orr | Via the CBC: B.C. real estate companies join Christy Clark on trade mission to Asia. While seemingly benign it still gives me pangs of Steve Harvey-level existential dread every time I read about Christy Clark.

Happy Bike to Work Week. Oh yeah, and here’s a ticket for not wearing a helmet. It’s a dumb law and it doesn’t make people safer. There, I said it.

While we’ve given up on our gorilla-murdering neighbours to the south a long time ago, there was still hope for the Great White North, until now: Hope for Humanity Officially Dies in Costco Parking Lot Brawl.

“And what the fuck is wrong with you?” she asks, and really it’s a fair question. What the fuck is wrong with you (and me, TBH)? Why are we watching? Is YouTube violence the modern day bread and circuses that distracts us from our own looming mortality and the various prisons of capitalism’s making?

Exhibit B: Canadian Ambassador, a Hero at Home, Tussles With Protester in Ireland. Interesting that nobody has brought up the possibility that he might be suffering from PTSD.

Meanwhile, a Conservative MP dressed up as the Grim Reaper at their convention in Vancouver and the irony is lost on nobody: Yep, last weekend’s Conservative Party convention was even more bonkers than you think. I thought white conservatives rapping died with the Jesus Christ is my Nigga dude.

As ridiculous as it was, there was something that happened that must be praised, despite being met with ridicule by our own Prime Minister: We Come To Light: Why Conservatives Accepting Marriage Equality Matters

A sharp contrast to how Trudeau’s party operates: Liberal Party’s new policies based on inspiring set of fridge magnets.

With regards the contentious issue of arms sales to countries with dubious human rights records, Liberal delegates passed a resolution that consisted of an asymmetrically-drawn heart with the word “Love” written on it.

Kai Nagata: CBC pretends Trans Mountain’s 69 oil spills never happened. Correction: 82.

If you live in a fantasy world where pipelines never spill, then the concerns of First Nations and British Columbians along the route must sound silly indeed. If you believe Justin Trudeau waved a magic wand and fixed the National Energy Board, then its decisions must seem eminently credible.

Related: 90 scientists and climate experts call on Trudeau to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG.

Schadenfreude reddit “I bet it had an N sticker” bait of the day: Burning Lamborghini slows traffic on Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Scam of the day: $9 million Maltese Eagle stolen from owner.

Art of the day: Ryan Quast reconstructs the everyday one brushstroke at a time.

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