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Neighbourhood: Gastown
319 Carrall St.


10am – 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday


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Social Enterprise of Atira Women’s Art Society
Executive Director: Shelley Bolton
Head Chocolatier: Gizelle Pare
Coffee Roaster: Olivia Suddaby
Operations & Chocolatier: Jen Hallen



East Van Roasters is a bean-to-bar chocolate shop, coffee roaster and bakery that opened in April 2013. Our café is situated in the historic Rainier Hotel and has a warm and relaxing environment where you can watch parts of the chocolate making process happening in the roasting room or the chocolate lab. We love making chocolate and having a direct connection to the farmers that grow and harvest the raw cacao that we use. Chocolate making is a multi-step, multi-location process that we jump into once the dried beans arrive at our shop. We sort the beans, roast and winnow (remove the shells), grind and conche (refine) small batches of chocolate which we temper and make into chocolate bars or confections.

We are a social enterprise program that was founded by PHS Community Services Society and is now operated by Atira Women’s Art Society. Atira provides meaningful employment opportunities for women living in the Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, supporting full and equal participation in our community and economy for all of our employees. We are passionate about achieving the very highest levels of culinary excellence and customer service, and we invite you to come down and try our chocolate and coffee. For more information about our program please visit us online at www.eastvanroasters.com.


America’s Bean-to-Bar and Chocolatier competition 2019/2017
Micro-batch – plain/origin dark chocolate bar category
Silver — Lachua, Guatemala 70%
2019 Bronze — Pangoa, Peru 70%
2017 Silver — Pangoa, Peru 70%

Canadian International Chocolate Awards 2019
Inclusion Bar category
Canadian Silver — “The Queen” 70% Guatemala chocolate with pineapple and pink peppercorn
Flavored dark chocolate ganache or truffles category
Canadian Gold Winner — Hazelnut Caramel
Canadian Silver – Cardi C truffle
Canadian Silver – Cranberry Spruce
Canadian Silver – Pepita Praline
Dark chocolate dragee, enrobing whole nuts category
Canadian Bronze — Chocolate covered Giant Inca corn
Nut butter or spread category
Canadian Bronze — Chocolate nut butter + honey

International Chocolate Awards 2019 (entered after winning regionals)
World Silver
Cranberry Spruce – Spruce tip infused Guatemalan ganache and cranberry pate de fruit.

World Bronze
Cardi C – wafer base, cardamom and coffee infused Guatemalan ganache

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019
Bronze — Bars Toffee Crunch (formerly known as Aloha Crunch)
Silver — Chocolate Nut Butter + Honey
Academy of Chocolate Commendations 2019
Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania Bar 70%
Lachua, Guatemala Bar 70%

Golden Bean 2019 Coffee
Bronze — Empress Blend Espresso in a latte drink
Bronze — Ethiopia single-origin in a pour over drink