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Region: The Okanagan
3625 1st St., Naramata, BC


Open seven days a week for overnight stays.

The restaurant is open nightly for dinner. Reservations are available via Open Table.


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The People

Ned Bell – Chef and General Manager
Kate Colley – Director, Brand Experience
Maria Wiesner – Creative Director
Paul Hollands – Managing Partner
Stacy Johnston and Minette Lotz – Sous Chefs
Emily Walker – Sommelier, Wine Director

About the Naramata Inn

Naramata Inn and its 12 exclusive period-style rooms are ready to provide visitors with a new standard of R&R&R. The third “R” is for that Restaurant you keep hearing about. From produce to proteins, the Restaurant will deliver an unrivaled “Naramatian” experience. Our menus are built around the best local growers and artisans in the Valley, and our wine selections showcase a breadth of award-winning British Columbian wines. And the views? Get outta here.

Led by top Canadian chef and Okanagan-born Ned Bell, the Restaurant at Naramata Inn will deliver a next-level, hyper-local dining experience. Throw in a stunning room and a passionate crew? Now you’re speaking “Naramatian”.

Known for his commitment to seasonal, sustainable menus (and his outgoing, all-in personality), Bell is utilizing his 30 years of expertise to showcase the unparalleled quality of the Valley. From produce to proteins, the menus will be built around the best local growers and artisans in Naramata.

The culinary team is further bolstered by powerhouse sous chefs Stacy Johnson and Minette Lotz—both Bell protégés and recent transplants from Vancouver. Because moving here is a common side-effect of visiting.

But what about the wine? Under the guidance of award-winning sommelier and wine director Emily Walker, our wine program will showcase the true depth and breadth of award-winning wines produced by British Columbia—and beyond.

About Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership:

The Partnership formed through the unique combination of like-mindedness around food, hospitality, lifestyle, values, and dreams. The right opportunity to make a difference in the world has come together in the Naramata Inn. While the Okanagan – its communities, its food scene, its unparalleled beauty – has been a touchstone at various points in all four partners’ lives, the draw to return culminates with this dream project. Click here to download a print-ready image of the team.

Favourable Reviews

“One of the most incredible meals I have had. The staff, food, wine and ambience were amazing! Look forward to going back again!” – Lynda C

“We all loved it I highly recommend anything Ned cooks from the Sea or freshwater. I also recommend the bourbon cocktail with a hint of local honey.” – Stephen C

“We had a wonderful experience! Food was all local and fresh and service fantastic. We were lucky to get a reservation and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again.” – Michelle F

“Wonderful. The rooms are super nice, with big deep tubs and beds that are the perfect mix of firm and soft. The breakfast is the perfect thing to wake up to and the location is ideal.” – Tomas Wittrup

“Spectacular stay. Rooms are cozy, rustic and comfortable. Breakfast is included and amazing. If you can have dinner here it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to.” – Nadj