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Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive
1556 Commercial Dr.


Sunday – Thursday: 5pm-Late | Happy Hour 5-6pm & 10pm+
Friday & Saturday: 4pm-Late | Happy Hour 4-6pm & 10pm+


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The People

Luke Boswell, Executive Chef

About Bar Corso

Welcome to Bar Corso, a haven nestled in the heart of Little Italy on Vancouver’s iconic Commercial Drive. Our story begins with two passionate Italian-born owners who envisioned bringing a taste of their authentic Italian culture to this vibrant community.

The Bar Corso culinary journey revolves around the concept of cicchetti, the Italian equivalent of tapas. Though snack-sized, every dish is crafted with passion and authenticity and showcases the diverse flavours and regional influences of Italy. Those interested in heartier expressions of Italian fare can also enjoy seasonal main courses and fresh daily pasta dishes.

From the bold and robust to the delicate and nuanced, our bar features extensive flavours of grappa, Amari and a meticulously curated selection of rare Italian wines on rotation, ideal for those seeking a sip of the extraordinary. Doubling as a social stoop for an afternoon pick-me-up, our bar is also the ideal stop for a quick shot of espresso – the kind you can’t make at home.

As a quintessential Italian café, or “bar” in the Italian sense, we embody the spirit of Italy in every detail, creating an atmosphere that transports you halfway across the world into a slice of Italian heaven.

We invite you to join us on a journey through the soul of Italy, right here in the heart of Vancouver.

Saluti e buon appetito!