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Neighbourhood: False Creek
1666 Johnston St.




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The People

Angus An – Chef and Owner

About Sen Pad Thai

Sen Pad Thai is the fifth addition to Chef Angus An’s family of restaurants. Known for its long stir-fried noodles, the Granville Island eatery serves up intense yet balanced dishes seasoned with spices, herbs, and proteins like chicken, pork, beef, and seafood. Chef An also created a selection of delicious side dishes, ranging from Crispy Thai chicken wings to lighter fare like papaya salad. Sen Pad Thai is located in the Net Loft area of Vancouver’s Granville Island market, which buzzes with energy from vendors and visitors alike.


5 Reasons to Love Sen Pad ThaiAlexandra Gill, Vancouver Magazine

“Local chef and restaurateur Angus An pays homage to Thai street food with Sen Pad Thai. Set aside any worries about gloppy noodles. These are so springy that they almost bite back, and they’re wok-fried to order.” – Eagranie Yuh, The Washington Post

“When the mind behind the food is celebrity chef Angus An of Maenam, Longtail Kitchen, Freebird and Fat Mao fame, the hype begins, the chatter spreads like whipped butter, and the anticipation has probably caused more than a few shoes to need a quick drool-removing polish.” – Anya Levykh, Westender

“Someone should tell Angus An that he’s arrived and should relax. But the force is with him, a powerful drive that’s like a stuck gas pedal.” – Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun