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On 86ing Gastown And The Inside Job Of Vancouver’s Housing Crisis


by Sean Orr | This is what Neo-liberals look like: Liberals’ massive increase in defence spending is a budgetary coup.

The arrogance of power could scarcely be more dramatically demonstrated than by the tag team of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announcing that Canada was going to cave in to Donald Trump’s demand that we spend two per cent of GDP on defence.

While at the very same time claiming it’s just not worth appeasing Trump. So, not appeasing Trump by doing exactly what he wants? Interesting.

Maybe the collusion between the far right and Neo-liberal centrists look more like a fish hook:


Of course, that far left is simply unelectable. Right, Tony Blair?

So, a UK conservative thought that with the backing of the billionaires and the corporate elite they could take your vote for granted and ended up with a hung parliament in which another election could be called in weeks? Where have I heard that before?

B.C. NDP warns supporters election could be called in weeks.

Of course, guess who that benefits? B.C Liberals raised over $300,000 in 48 hours after NDP-Green takeover announced.

Let’s hope everyone stays hydrated: An MLA with diarrhea could topple the government: A playlist of just how crazy things could get in BC. What a ringing endorsement of our democratic system!

Of course, Clark could just cling to power for as long as humanly possible. But that doesn’t sound like something she would do, right? How long could Clark stay in power… in the Twilight Zone?

Now the debate turns to who will be the Speaker of the House. Why does this matter? I actually had no idea…probably like most British Columbians. It’s something to do with parliamentary traditions, blah blah blah: Why the B.C. Liberals should suck it up and offer a Speaker.

But wait! Some political scientists in Ontario weren’t paying attention to the BC election, and now they want a do-over:

Exhibit B: Andrew Coyne: Dear Premier Clark, Don’t give up (but try not to look like you’re clinging to power)

Ah yes, conservatism! Protecting the status quo at all costs: Stop Legitimizing ‘Conservatism’: It’s Not an Ideology – It’s a Goddamn Death Machine.

Maybe Horgan should just challenge Clark to a duel: It’s now no longer illegal to challenge someone to a duel in Canada.

Horgan fires back: War of words breaks out over Clark letter to NDP, Greens over costs of Site C delays.

Under the BC Liberals, British Columbians have seen their Hydro bills go up 87%. I made this request because I will not allow British Columbians to be hit with even higher Hydro rates due to your mismanagement of this project.

Meanwhile, New $3.5-billion bridge to replace George Massey Tunnel in jeopardy. Instead of a bridge it should just be a giant game of limbo. How low can you go?

Metro Vancouver mayor’s council sets up commission to introduce mobility pricing for drivers. Cue the reactionary hordes complaining about being punished for driving because they don’t understand how Translink works and they voted “No” in the transit referendum.

These are probably the same people who believe homelessness is a lifestyle choice: Homelessness isn’t the result of a lack of morals: Mochama.

The same kind of people who call themselves “Ridgelantes”. Ugh. Maple Ridge Mayor Nicole Read returns to work after threats.

“Something is obviously seething under the surface for some people. I think the hate is being driven by a very small vocal minority because when I’m out and about in the community they thank me for the work that we’re doing on homelessness and explain that they’re supportive.”

Meanwhile, Vancouver couple evicted from tiny house. “City of Vancouver zoning bylaws do not permit housing smaller than 398 square feet – or 250 square feet in the Downtown Eastside. The city also does not allow people to live in mobile homes or vehicles”.

But they’ll let people live in a fucking slum like the Balmoral for a decade and do nothing about it. #gregorknew

Image of the day:

86 Gastown: Gastown’s Beloved Chill Winston Is Saying Goodbye And This Summer Is Your Last Chance To Go. Ha! These guys are cashing out large and people are feeling sorry for them? Yeah, I’m really going to miss that $40 charcuterie board…

Bonus: DJ D. DEE Translates the Vancouver Coastline Into Blissful Leisure House.

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