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Neighbourhood: Gastown
8 West Cordova St.


Caffè di Beppe
Open Daily, 9am – 10pm | Aperitivo Hour, 3 – 6pm

Ristorante di Beppe
Lunch, 11:30am – 2pm | Dinner, 5 – 10pm


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The People

Matthew Morgenstern – General Manager
Mark Romic – Manager
Tyler Uggucioni – Chef

About Di Beppe

Di Beppe is inspired by the Italian immigrant’s desire to share a piece of home while living abroad. There’s a sense of pride deeply engrained within the Italian culture – and why not? Everything is done with passion, every story is told with romance and whether or not one is truly “the best” at anything is irrelevant, as long as the individual believes he truly is. This is what allows her to put her best foot forward. This is what allows him to provide true hospitality and serve with confidence. It’s that almost delirious belief that “there is nowhere on earth you can go to get what I’m offering you today… it’s that special!”

Welcome to Caffè/Ristorante di Beppe. A young Italian restaurant with an old Italian soul.

For the pasta purist – Rome has its precious pasta traditions just as Naples has its religion of pizza. At di Beppe we look to celebrate that notion by offering a menu of roman pastas without compromise. We observe every nuance of the process and are careful to be respectful of longstanding traditions and the origin of each dish.

Pizza al metro originated in the 1930s in the Sorentine Peninsula and was created by a local baker named Luigi Dell’ Amura. The Sorentine Peninsula partially occupies the province of Naples (the birthplace of pizza) as well as the province of Salerno. You can find pizza al metro in abundance throughout these parts. It is enjoyed with the principle of “breaking bread” with friends and loved ones in mind – the heartwarming gesture of everyone sharing food from the same central plate. “Venite a sedervi” and enjoy one of our delicious pizzas (al metro) with your friends and loved ones on your next visit. Don’t forget to add a little wine to the equation – your heart will be that much warmer if you do…

Our approach to Italian style espresso is to respect the tradition of the result through the roasting style and the bean and that undeniable smell and taste while executing responsibly. Rather than taking a bag of pre-ground coffee beans out of the freezer that are months old and sloppily loading them into a automatic machine without any set parameters, we are approaching this style of coffee with all the care, attention and technique of today’s coffee culture. Fresh ground beans, well calibrated machine – weighing in and out – proper ratios of water to coffee and volume of finished product … the result, we feel, is a coffee that is so nostalgic and so good in this way that it will be hard for even the most hard-core coffee aficionados to ignore. It’s also the only type of coffee that will make a proper affogato! But if you’re still not convinced, there is always an amazzacaffe for you to wash down the taste and cleanse your pallet after the fact. Or enjoy it “corretto” (with grappa in our case), or an old school scooped cappuccino with silky milk – no “dish soap” foam here…

Caffè di Beppe (2 West Cordova St.) offers old style coffee done with new style technique, creating a traditional experience that tickles all the senses.