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On Truth’s End And The Ongoing Triumphs Of Incredibly Shitty People


by Sean Orr | Watch Bill Maher trivialize and further racialize Vancouver’s housing crisis on prime time. We’ve made it!

“Shut up about Mars and how cool it would be to live there and start over some place new…like with the Chinese moving to Vancouver….”

This, on the same day that the Trudeau government delays climate action after oil patch lobbying. They also conveniently left out the words “climate change” in their official Earth Day statement.

Speaking of the earth: Why the flat-earth movement is the best symbol of the increasingly diminished value of truth and intelligence.

“The irony is that we have never before had readier access to the truth. It’s never been simpler to disabuse ourselves of misbelief. But perhaps it’s precisely this deluge of information that has entrained our retreat from its power.”

Which is a perfect segue to the provincial election. Here you have Pamela Martin, Director of Engagement and Liaison to B.C. Premier Christy Clark, penning a brutally biased opinion piece claiming the NDP leader is sexist: John Horgan’s Casual Sexism Has No Place In B.C. Politics. Of course it reeks of desperation.

Former leader of the BC Greens Stuart Parker, breaks down Clark’s campaign tactic:

British Columbians desperately want a do-over of the US election. If she re-enacts the key scenes of the race with enough of a passing resemblance, even if the details are off, she is betting that she can sell this race as misogynistic populist aggressive blowhard vs. competent smug female technocrat. Subconsciously, voters will feel like, by re-electing her, they are going back in time and stopping Trump.

Speaking of Trump, he just announced a 20 per cent tariff on Canadian softwood lumber. So for all of Christy’s (and Trudeau’s) tough talk about greedy American lumber barons, guess who is paying her $300,000 second salary? Yup, greedy American lumber barons. The BC Liberals have taken more than $5.5 million from forestry companies (while the province lost 30,000 forest jobs).

Hmm, maybe Barack Obama would have been better than Trump after all. #sayanythingchristy

Garossino with a winning proposal:

In other flat earth news, Liberal Candidate for Vancouver-Kensington Kim Chan-Logan says “There’s No Housing Crisis, Only Housing Challenges”. Right, and there are no poor people, only financially challenged people…

Related: Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless. “The lexis of abuse and gas-lighting is appropriate here: Society is not mad or messed up, you are.”

It’s almost like Kim Chan-Logan doesn’t even live in, um, Vanvouber:

Speaking of not living here:

Runner up:

Here’s a handy voter’s guide:

Speaking of being rich, Solange is doing a private performance at the Rennie Collection. Far be it from me to her to choose a venue other than the very symbol of displacement, nepotism, and corporate greed, but The Anti-Oppression Network have done just that.

After 70 years in business, 3 Vets to close its doors Nov. 1. Methinks an honorary induction into the Vancouver Lexicon is in order…

Low hanging fruit of the day: Pair of cougars spotted on Skytrain tracks in Port Moody.

Event of the day: Populous Map- All the Stuff that was Silenced by the War: BC in 1910-1920

Music of the day: Video Premiere: Crack Cloud “Swish Swash”.

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