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On Fascist Goofs, Darth Vader Clarifications And Skating Lost Lagoon


by Sean Orr | We believe in free speech…whaaaa? They called us fascists! Anti-fascist activists clash with UBC Free Speech Club in downtown Vancouver. Not mentioned is how the Free Speech Club confronted Antifa and not the other way around. Not mentioned is the guy who said “hate speech is free speech”. Not mentioned is the guy who was sieg heiling. Not mentioned was the guy who yelled “I love colonialism” to a native elder. Not mentioned is the smoke bomb they lit a few feet from the survivor’s totem. Not mentioned is the male symbol placed on the engineers cairn by the Free Speech Club the day before the memorial for 14 murdered women in Montreal.

Not mentioned was that Antifa were also expressing their right to free speech. Not mentioned was that Antifa was there because the Free Speech Club had been endorsed by the Canadian Defence League. Not mentioned was that Antifa was primarily concerned with Soldiers of Odin showing up, just as they had in Richmond a few days earlier.

Might the answer lie with the ‘journalist’ who sourced comments from the Facebook event page, whose last 15 contributions to The Province were a NFL betting segment called The Geek versus The Greek?

I love how at the end of the video in that Province article the guy pleads with us to have a dialogue with them because “they aren’t really white supremacists.

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You can see me at the end of the video trying to reason with one of them but I should have just done what this guy did:

The central tenet of their argument was that it’s better to give white supremacists a platform so as to better expose them, because this has worked throughout history never. And now we’re giving this bootlicker a platform: Kevin O’Leary rips our ‘bozo’ mayor, ‘surfer dude’ PM.

Who is more terrifying than O’Leary? Trudeau. Watch as he gloats about tricking Canadians with his slick brand of propaganda: Justin Trudeau: ‘Globalisation isn’t working for ordinary people’.

“We were able to sign free trade agreement with Europe at a time when people tend to be closing off,” he said. “We’re actually able to approve pipelines at a time when everyone wants protection of the environment. We’re being able to show that we get people’s fears and there are constructive ways of allaying them – and not just ways to lash out and give a big kick to the system.”

And so we continue with the status quo under the guise of liberalism while prohibition is killing people: Nine dead of fentanyl opioid abuse in one day in Vancouver.

Even the police agree: Give addicts medical-grade heroin to curb deaths, former Mountie says. Public health decreases crime: “My most recidivist patient at Crosstown has been in and out of jail over 200 times. Since he’s had access to treatment here, (it’s been) zero. He’s been here since 2012, so that’s going on four years”.

‘Prince Of Pot’ Calls PM A Disgrace As Montreal Dispensaries Raided.

“The reason we are legalizing and controlling marijuana is not for any other reason than to better protect our kids and to remove the black market, the criminal elements, organized crime, from profiting massively from the sale of cannabis” Trudeau said alongside Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard.

As Nicholas Ellan once again reminds us, “the odd thing about this justification is that it is in no way specific to marijuana”.

Meanwhile, on the provincial side of things, Clark claims she has spent $43 million to date addressing the fentanyl crisis, which is interesting because they just found $1.6 billion to re-inflate the housing market: B.C. offers interest-free loans up to $37,500 to 1st-time homebuyers. And the middle class rejoiced! Finally we can go into never-ending debt to make developers richer!

It’s almost like she is advised by Bob Rennie or something: ‘Terrible policy’: B.C. housing incentives widely panned by experts. “It’s pretty rare that there are so many economists who agree on this. It’s just shockingly illogical.”

Hey, do you know who could benefit from interest free loans? Students: “For the last 15 years, students in British Columbia have been asking the BC Liberal government for interest-free student loans. BC students pay the highest interest on student loans in Canada. This debt burden forces young people to delay things like buying a home or starting a family”.

But then again, putting people in debt seems to be Clark’s specialty: MSP hikes will hit over 500,000 B.C. families in the new year.

Report bares human price behind local food produced on the backs of temporary foreign workers in B.C.

It also appeals to consumers to take some responsibility in helping the vulnerable workers: “For the benefit of all, we must work not only to get organic and local food but also food that has been planted and harvested in an ethical way, which means respecting the labour and human rights of the workers who produce it.”

Global realized how many clicks they got on that champagne sabrage video and thought they would recreate it: ‘It burns’: Holiday artichoke dip segment goes off the rails on air. Always taste your fucking food, chef!

List of the day: Trends We Could Live Without in 2017. They forgot ‘articles where you have to click next page‘.

Crowdfund of the day: Selectors Records.

Bonus: Skating on Lost Lagoon and other icy Vancouver memories. I. Am. So. Old.

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