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Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive
1399 Commercial Dr.


Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-5pm | Bread until we’ve sold out | No reservations


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The People

Co-founder: Claire Livia Lassam
Co-owner: Jordan Pires

About Livia

On a bright corner of Commercial Drive, Livia is the life’s work of a baker and a bartender. Inspired by the kind of cafes we visited in Europe and New York, Livia is a place to grab a loaf of bread and coffee in the morning, to meet friends over lunch and a glass of wine, and to cozy into a date for dinner. During the day you’ll find staff stocking our 13-foot-high bread wall full of blistered sourdoughs and hawking pastries at the counter, as well as serving up bowls of polenta with poached eggs, and mortadella breakfast sandwiches. At night, ceramic bowls of freshly made pastas are brought to candlelit tables, alongside a thoughtfully curated wine list. With a firm belief that every detail should be cared for, your coffee will be a custom blend roasted up the street and served in a custom mug, and the chili flakes you’ve asked to scatter on your raviolo are sourced from our favourite farm and dried in house. A seat at the bar encourages a peruse of our classic cocktails and lovingly built vermouth and amaro list. Rooted in the warmth of a neighbourhood cafe, and the paired down simplicity of Italian food, it’s the place we want to go to in our community.

Awards & Accolades

Food inspired by family and community love” — Vancouver Sun, February 2019

Vancouver’s Livia Cafe and Bakery is so much more than its sourdough” — The Globe and Mail, April 2019

A local’s guide to Vancouver, B.C.” — The Washington Post, 2019