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On Crushing Dreams And Cops Using Helicopters To Herd Young Artists


by Sean Orr | Wow, the BC Government really doesn’t know how to use email. And sometimes that’s a good thing. Here’s conflict of interest commissioner Paul Fraser, who just cleared Christy Clark of any wrongdoing, mistaking the forward button with the reply button. Ooops!

Remember, this is the same guy with family ties to Clark’s Liberals. The corruption is rampant, but maybe worse is the near complete silence of mainstream media on this one, with the Tyee being the only outlet covering the story. To make matters even more fucked, here’s Vaughn Palmer praising Paul Fraser in the Vancouver Sun. FML.

Also not in the media today is Jenny Kwan calling for an overhaul of Port Metro Vancouver’s governance structure. “Basically, the Port authority can make decisions on their own, they can do their own environmental assessments and just do whatever they want…”. And that means possibly ruining Crab Park. Full disclosure: This issue is close to my heart because for years I’ve been sort of making a beach there.

Also, also not in the local media was the massive over-reaction by the VPD when they used helicopters to bust the Emily Carr Grad Show Afterparty. Fucking helicopters!

Just don’t mention No Fun City because we got culture.

Can this please be the last report on the subject? Foreign buyers crushing Vancouver home dreams as governments do little: study. I feel like Sisyphus (if instead of rolling a rock up a hill I’m posting links about the housing crisis).

Because we know what we have to do: 8 ways to fix Vancouver’s real estate madness.

Related blast from the past: Alarmed By Influx Of Asians, Vancouver Faces Test Of Tolerance. It’s 89, y’all, so let your backbone slide.

Good news of the day: Tech millionaire steps in to save historic Friedman House. Now for the 2,782 other historic homes that need saving…

Or maybe the tech industry isn’t our saviour after all: Money missing in Vancouver tech: study.

Brollywood of the day: Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell calls Vancouver a gulag. Pretty sure Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would disagree, but whatever bro.

Canada of the day: Crucified crow? Feud between neighbours boils over after dead crow hung from a stake.

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  1. Jenny (Every Damn Penny) Kwan is calling for an overhaul? She is a proud, unrepentant thief.

    Kettle black.

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