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Neighbourhood: Gastown
55 Powell St. Vancouver, BC


Weekdays 7am – 6pm
Weekends 9am – 5pm


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The People

Matthew Senecal-Junkeer & Trevor Pruegger

About The Birds & The Beets

Located along a cobblestoned street of historic Gastown, The Birds & The Beets is a food-focused counter-service cafe that aims to get people to rethink the traditional “coffee and baked goods” cafe model, with a menu designed around goodies brought up from the property’s refurbished cellar. In addition to making their own yogurts, pickled vegetables and savoury/sweet preserves, The Birds & The Beets ferments their sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and ginger beer in house, crafts their own soda syrups and bakes their own brioche loaves. As well as a full coffee menu, they’ve got a handful of local beers and a cider on tap.

The airy yet cozy space was created by Bill Simcic from Simcic + Uhrich along with design/construction gurus Cam Johnson and James Bank of Harmony Pacific, and kitchen maestro Jason Gilron of Pacific Restaurant Supply.