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On Seeing Into Canada’s Trumpian Future & The Siren Call Of Cascadia


by Sean Orr | Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe Trump will break as many of his promises as Trudeau: I Look to America and All I See Is the End.

As to what it means for Canada —well, beyond our immigration website crashing as the polls turned on election night, it really depends. Aside from the fact that our collective national smugness is going to be through the fucking roof, it’s hard to say definitively what the future holds.

Speaking of smugness, for all those who are legitimately considering moving to Canada (sic):

Besides, they’d be better off moving to a swing state. We’ll take Snoop though. And Mexicans.

Also: Trump’s message must come to Canada, Kellie Leitch says in Tory leadership bid. As inflammatory and bandwagonesque as this might be, his message has always been here. Just look at the whole hijab thing in the last election. Look at this judge. Look at Don Cherry saying we should deny entry to ‘left-wing kooks’ fleeing Trumpism. It’s bad, folks.

Look at Mansbridge interviewing Ann Coulter “as if she were a respectable human being, effectively handing a megaphone to an unhinged and open bigot on our public broadcaster”. – Derrick O’Keefe

Look at this anti-immigrant Western separatist Facebook group. Look at Kevin O’Leary. Look at Rob Ford, for fuck sakes. Look at Brad Wall. And look at Christy Clark calling the NDP ideologues and quitters.

Now, we can counter with “Trump’s a fascist“, which is probably true but incredibly unhelpful, and we can counter with Neville Chamberlain style appeasement, which is pragmatic, I guess. Or we could burn the whole place down and start again. We’re all accelerationists now.

It’s up to us to realize we live in an echo-chamber. We can and will be surprised when this happens here. Can we, as my friend Zach Webb says, “acknowledge that there are people in this world that think differently than us and our friends, and build dialogue”?

Of course, the echo-chamber theory starts to fade when you realize that Trump got less votes than McCain and Romney and that 6.5 million fewer Democrats voted for Hillary than Obama. The centre is dead. Neoliberalism is dead. Take note, NDP.

People keep saying 2016 is the worst year ever but I still think 2016 bc was worse. Look at how people 18-25 voted. This is a wake-up call, not just for American democrats, but for progressives around the world.

Remember kids, protesting Trump in Vancouver is one thing, but getting involved in your own political process is better. Volunteer. Organize. Donate. But most of all, listen to the working class, listen to rural voters. Hillary didn’t.

Because, “Fascism is what capitalism does when it’s under threat“. Indeed, as Nikiforuk says in The Tyee, this is the end of growth: “The Baby Boom generation, the most destructive and selfish generation in the history of the planet, has made its last political statement”.

Can Trump even swear on the constitution? That’s a real question. Also, can he even rip-up NAFTA? And if he did would that be so bad? And is it so bad that the World’s Richest People Lost $41 Billion on Trump’s Win?

Are we really the last country on earth to believe in multiculturalism?

That is, until Cascadia becomes a country.

Another silver lining? We get to watch Wente eat her column.

We are all those spooked horses now: Spooked horses crash carriage into Stanley Park seawall ahead of Trudeau’s arrival.

RCMP intelligence centre compiled list of 89 Indigenous rights activists considered “threats”. Maybe Clickhole can do a “What Category of RCMP-Monitored Indigenous Rights Activist Are You?” piece.

It’s closing time. The Canadian arts community remembers Leonard Cohen.

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