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On Firing Everyone And The End Of Days Storm That Never Happened


by Sean Orr | Power move: Vancouver School Board fired by B.C. education minister. “The last time the province fired the VSB over a political dispute, voters renewed it with a left-wing majority. Those who do not learn from history, etc.” – Nicholas Ellan.

B.C. child welfare program offer to First Nation backfires over LNG ties. Of course, by “truth and reconciliation” what we really mean is blackmailing indigenous peoples into signing on to resource projects.

Quick! Bring up sexism and Donald Trump! Premier Clark calls for widespread condemnation of Trump’s views of women. This from a province that was singled out by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women for, among other things, the worst child poverty in the country, cuts to social assistance, access to child care, restricted legal aid to women in need, inaction on missing and murdered women, funding cuts to women’s centres and the elimination of the Ministry of Women’s Equality. In a province where women are exchanging sex for rent, where the women of Bountiful were failed, where our slut shaming, bandwagon-jumping, premier’s own chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool, was accused of sexual harassment and nothing was done about it.

While it may be difficult agreeing with Christy Clark’s condemnation of Trump, imagine the dilemma of agreeing with Trump’s condemnation of Trudeau! Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President Yet”. While this is satire, it doesn’t matter.

Because we are living in an unreal world and in a time when politicians actually have no idea what’s going on. A world where complex social media algorithms turn your worldview into an echo chamber of confirmation bias and shared rage/fear.

A world where Hillary Clinton is actually a lesbian lizard robot witch who speaks the Old, Dead Language of the Darkness Beyond Worlds.

Jokes aside, I think this also explains why Vancouverites were so scared about the storm that never happened: Tempest in a teapot as third storm fizzles on South Coast. Do you get the sense that people were a little disappointed? We wanted to feel the wrath of nature — a sort of subconscious collective penance for our inability to tackle climate change before the tipping point?

Although maybe the tipping point is the awakening of the global conscience and our true divine nature (I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend too much, sorry about that).

Back to your regularly scheduled program of generalized dismay: Anti-immigration party registers for B.C. election. Does anyone want to break out their plaid and hand-out this party’s pamphlets at Surrey Central Skytrain station?

Schadenfreude of the day: Vancouver Trump Tower is a ‘PR nightmare,’ according to expert.

More stellar investigative journalism by the Daily Heave: The most haunted building in Vancouver: Waterfront Station. Best comment: “I’ve seen the headless brakeman a couple of times. But on that occasion, he was actually looking for the Daily Hive’s main editor…”

Headline of the day: ‘I think the pants were the focus of the robbery:’ Two men attacked in Halifax by pair of trouser bandits.

Bonus: Why People on Twitter Are Still Asking This 90s YTV Host for Video Game Help.

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  1. “The last time the province fired the VSB over a political dispute, voters renewed it with a left-wing majority.”

    Oh, that. And the last time the province suffered a left-wing majority, voters nearly extincted them – fifteen years ago, in the 2001 election – when most NDP supporters gladly voted Liberal (Premier Campbell), and only 2 NDP MLAs survived (in a couple ridings incapable of distinguishing good from bad). The centre-left lacked the minimum 4 seats required for official party status, and failed to become the official opposition. It was the worst defeat of a provincial govt in Canadian history, and most critically, BC residents have learned from it.

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