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Anh and Chi Turmeric Crepe Photographed by Leila Kwok.


Neighbourhood: Main Street
3388 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


Daily 11am – late
(Open from 5pm until late on the last Tuesday of every month)
Take out orders in person or call 604 878 8883


  • Anh and Chi_Amelie Nguyen and Vincent Nguyen_Photographed by Mark Yammine
  • Anh and Chi_Authentic Vietnamese_Photographed by Leila Kwok
  • Anh and Chi_Award Winning Bar Program_Photographed by Leila Kwok
  • Anh and Chi_Award-winning Interior Design_Photographed by Provoke Studio
  • Anh and Chi_Best Vietnamese Restaurant_Photographed by Leila Kwok 5
  • Anh and Chi_Chefs Table_Photographed by Vy Tran
  • Anh and Chi_Chic _ Gender neutral Bathroom_Photographed by Provoke Studio 6
  • Anh and Chi_Cocktail Bar_Photographed by Vy Tran
  • Anh and Chi_Family Style Dinner_Photographed by Leila Kwok
  • Anh and Chi_Custom Lighting Non La Feature_Photographed by Provoke Studio
  • Anh and Chi_Custom made millwork and design_Photographed by Provoke Studio
  • Anh and Chi_Custom-made Stained Glass _ Chopstick Wall_Photographed by Provoke Studio 5
  • Anh and Chi_Turmeric Crepe_Photographed by Leila Kwok
  • Anh and Chi_Indoor and Outdoor Dining_Photographed by Alyssa Dawson
  • Anh and Chi_Local BC Wines_Photographed by Mark Yammine
  • Anh and Chi_Lost Bird Cocktail_Photographed by Mark Yammine
  • Anh and Chi_Most Photogenic Restaurant in Vancouver_Photographed by Provoke Studio
  • Anh and Chi_Streetside Platter_Photographed by Leila Kwok 1
  • Anh and Chi_Vancouver Leadership Team_Photographed by Mark Yammine
  • Anh and Chi_Vietnamese Martini_Photographed by Leila Kwok 3


Ly Nguyen | Executive Chef & Mom
Vincent Nguyen | Chef & Owner
Miguel Arrais | General Manager & Wine Director
Jared Schmidt | Bar Manager
Amelie Nguyen | Sister & Supporter


Anh and Chi is a vibrant and hip hub to eat, drink and connect over authentic Vietnamese fare. It represents countless brothers and sisters, inter-culturally and -generationally who share their passion, creativity and vision for Vietnamese cuisine. Since opening in 2016, Anh and Chi has been awarded for Best Vietnamese Restaurant, Best Bartender, Most Beautiful and Photogenic restaurant in Vancouver; and nominated for Canada’s Best Bathroom and Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants.

Anh and Chi (noun / conjunction / noun)
1. Elder brother and elder sister of the same family;
2. Respectful form of address for a friend or a even a stranger, man or
woman respectively, generally above one’s age; address for fellow
members of the same community;
3. A vibrant and cultured hub at 3388 Main Street in Vancouver – to
eat, drink and connect over authentic Vietnamese fare.

History | Watch Me – mother and chef Ly Nguyen – create a new dish for the family restaurant which has been reimagined by her children. Once a mom and pop pho shop, the next generation carries on the family legacy through Vietnamese cuisine.