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Neighbourhood: North Vancouver
PO Box 36515, Capilano PO (Mailing Address Only)


Monday to Friday 9 – 3 pm


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The People

Our Board
Jeff Guignard, Chair
Sandra Oldfield, Vice Chair
Christine Coletta, Past Chair
Bill Senghera, Treasurer
Darcy Barish, Secretary
James Iranzad, Member at Large
Debbie Morris, Member at Large
Laura Starr, Member at Large
Richard Dittmar, Member at Large
Geoff Barlow, Member at Large
Al Hudec, Member at Large

Our Staff
Dana Harris, Executive Director
Lucy Cayuela, Business Administrator

Beneficiary Liaison
Alan Sacks

About the BC Hospitality Foundation

Every day, individuals in BC’s hospitality industry serve you. They are your baristas, concierges, hotel staff, cooks, winery and brewery workers, waiters, bartenders and wine salespeople, tourism workers. While providing hospitality can be rewarding, most jobs in the industry are part-time with minimal benefits.

Help when they most need it

The British Columbia Hospitality Foundation is a charity that raises funds to support those in the hospitality industry facing financial crisis due to a health condition. Each year hundreds of hospitality workers across BC face financial challenges and have no where else to turn. The BCHF helps them when all other options have been exhausted. 

To get help, applicants must submit an online or by mail application following the eligibility criteria below.

In some cases, we will match funds raised at third-party events organized by an Applicant’s employer and/or friends and colleagues. We utilize our limited funds to support those who need our help the most:  these are often individuals experiencing life-or-death situations with critical medical needs, who would be facing homelessness without our help.

To date, we have helped 465 hospitality industry workers with over $971,000.

Criteria & Eligibility Guidelines

In order to be eligible for funding, applicants must live in BC and work within (or have worked within) the food, beverage, and hospitality industry, or in an industry directly related to it, for at least two years. Work in hospitality should provide the applicant’s main source of income. For example:

Working in a hotel, restaurant, pub, night club, coffee shop
Foodservice or beverage alcohol distribution, sales, marketing, or retail
Foodservice or beverage alcohol producer, including wineries, breweries, and distilleries
Media, PR, and consultants related to any of the above

There is a financial limit to any one award, based on each individual case and the availability of funds.

Scholarship Program

The BCHF offers scholarship programs to foster the development of the next generation of workers and industry leaders. These scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in hospitality, culinary, sommelier, beverage, and other hospitality-related programs in BC.

To date, we have awarded scholarships to 218 students with over $288,000.

Current available scholarships awarded annually

Sommelier – 10 x $1000
Culinary – 5 x $1000
Hospitality- 11 x $1500
Industry – 3 x $1000
Greg King Legacy – 1 x $1,500
Chef Nik Lim Legacy – 1 x $2,000
BC WISE – (Wine Business) – 5 x $1000
Event Management – 1 x $1000

The hospitality industry’s CHARITY OF CHOICE

The BCHF is compassionate, person-centered, and localized to BC. In its practices, BCHF seeks to be sustainable and transparent to its community, the hospitality related industries.