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Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
5050 Wales St.
778-764-0DIG (0344)

The People

Ilana Labow, Founder
Marc Schutzbank, Director & Poet-In-Chief
Alexa Pitoulis, Interim Executive Director
Katharine Hastie, Good Food Farm Manager
Gaylen Taylor Jones, Good Food Programmer
Tathali Urueta, Youth Empowerment Manager
Nicole Bruce, SOYL Lead Facilitator
Hanah Dha, SOYL Lead Facilitator
Calaigh Smith, SOYL Lead Facilitator
Kat Vriesema-Magnuson, Experiential Learning Manager
Charlotte Hewson, Experiential Learning Program Facilitator
Caroline Manual, Communications & Engagement Manager
Jack Edgar, Market Lead


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About Fresh Roots

Fresh Roots is a non-profit organization working with school communities towards Good Food For All: everyone deserves access to healthy food, land, and community. We work towards this vision by cultivating engaging gardens and programs that catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration. Since 2011 we have grown the first schoolyard market gardens in Canada, fostered leadership and employment training through schoolyard farm programming, offered food literacy professional development for BC’s educators, distributed delicious, freshly grown food into schools and local communities, and provided an inspirational voice in our community.