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On Van Mag’s Implosion And Selling Chinatown To The Highest Bidder


by Sean Orr | Via the Globe & Mail: Canada now the second biggest arms exporter to Middle East, data show. What could possibly go wrong? Blowback? Never heard of it.

I’m not saying that this increased militarization will have psychological impacts that will lead to our own mass shootings at home, but…

B.C. MP sponsored petition for easier access to the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Orlando attack. I’d like to explain to this idiot how idiotic this is, but I’m tired of explaining things to idiots.

And speaking of idiots: Man walking to Vancouver vigil for Orlando victims says he was attacked for being gay. One step forward, two steps back.

Exhibit B: Men suspected of attacking Good Samaritan on SkyTrain identified. Good work everybody. We got eem.

Vancouver’s Chinatown named top 10 most endangered places in Canada. What a perfect time to open an ice cream shop/spa in an old noodle house called Fluffy Kittens

Certainly not more senior housing: Vacancy rates plunge for B.C. seniors housing.

Related: VPD sees spike in elder abuse claims. I am a terrible person because I actually googled “elder abuse funny”.

Meanwhile: Chinatown’s May Wah Hotel is up for sale for the first time in decades. For only 10 million you too could be a renovicting douchebag a la Steven Lippman and Chip Wilson!

Zwei Told You So! Few Fare Cheats On SkyTrain!. “TransLink spent well over $200 million on a fare gate and Compass Card system on SkyTrain, costing well over $10 million a year to operate and TransLink will only recoup about $250,000 a year?” Yeah, but in 20 years that baby will be all paid off! Smooth sailing ahead!

Oh. and just a reminder: Translink never actually wanted faregates. They were imposed by the provincial government.

The VanMag implosion continues:

Takedown of the day: Brad Wall misrepresents energy research, is destroyed on Twitter.


Music of the day: Jay Arner Premieres “Crystal Ball” Video.

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  1. Why not a meaningful caption on the photo illustration opposite the May Wah (Tinland)?

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