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On Spoiled Rich Big Kids Throwing Elbows And Revitalizing Pigeon Park


by Sean Orr | Sick of hearing about #Elbowgate? Skip ahead. Yes, it’s cute and oh so Canadian compared to the scandals other countries have. Sure it’s probably blown way out of proportion. And sure there are real problems in the world although – believe it or not – human beings are capable of discussing a multitude of issues at the same time.

But it’s still important. It shows Trudeau as arrogant and contemptuous of a parliamentary tradition, a type of childish yet effective filibuster. It shows that he isn’t a “zen, feminist, yoga-planking empath who personifies tolerance and respect”. It shows that he’s, in fact, a spoiled rich kid.

Sure it might be ‘a slap in the face‘ for actual survivors of abuse, but so is refusing to believe she could possibly be traumatized by the whole thing. So is receiving emails telling her to toughen up, and having to justify how hard she was hit in the breast.

Especially when the parties – both liberals and conservatives – actually came to her defense.

Except, of course, Elizabeth “chemtrails exist” May, who called the violence an accident. So it was an accident that Trudeau got up out of his seat and assaulted Gordon Brown? Or was it was an accident that there was a woman in the way?

Imagine this in an office setting, or better yet, imagine this in a restaurant setting, something I may actually be qualified to talk about. As aggressive and regressive as kitchens get, if a chef grabbed a line cook and elbowed a pastry chef, that chef would be severely reprimanded.

Imagine if Christy Clark “accidentally” kneed David Eby in the nuts? Would people be saying “let’s move on”? Better yet, imagine if Rob Ford knocked over a woman!

We’ve seen some commentators, such as Andrew Coyne, bring up the argument that people get bumped on public transit all the time. Like this guy:

If the Prime Minister of Canada came on the bus and dragged a man through the doors and elbowed a woman while doing it, it certainly would be a shock.

This guy likens it to a kid trying to push through some bullies and the bullies crying to the principal. A little more apt, but still flawed.

Of course, the media is fuelling story in the cheap pursuit of clicks. So much so that this Hamilton paper referenced the Beaverton’s fake news article.

But what about the bill itself? It ignores keys recommendations put forward by the government. Even Liberal MP Rob Oliphant, co-chair of the special committee appointed by the government to study physician-assisted dying, doesn’t support the bill.

And if all this doesn’t make a total mockery of democracy, the approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline will. What’s more shocking is the discovery that spraypainting “No Pipelines” on small businesses on Commercial Drive has been ineffective.

But we move on. No compromise: Chinatown coalition opposed to new development proposal. “We’re asking for 100 per cent social housing”. Well, considering it is currently a parking lot, 25 units of social housing is 100% more than what is there right now.

Hyperbole of the day: Vancouver’s Famous Heritage Block to Change Forever. Dat mother-effin spiral staircase tho.

Gram of the day: 6th and Guleph. But why is Mount Pleasent (sic) vibrating? Fracking?

Vancouver Park Board to hear Pigeon Park revitalization motion. Let’s just hope “revitalize” in this instance doesn’t mean “make more white”.

Poverty tourism of the day: Drugs, sex and stolen goods: Population grows on vice-ridden Surrey ‘Strip’. It’s almost as though the police aren’t there every day harassing them constantly!

Bonus: Sadiq Khan warns ‘greedy’ developers as he outlines housing plan. Housing plan? (Lisa needs braces)

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