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On Christy’s Last Lie & Chinatown Awaiting Its Bob Rennie Makeover


by Sean Orr | One. Last. Lie. Lieutenant-Governor invites Horgan to take over, rejects another election.

But Clark said late Thursday that Guichon made clear that Clark had to either ask for the house to be dissolved and an election called, or recommend that Horgan be given a chance to govern. Clark said she chose the first option for fear the NDP-Green alliance will need to bend “the rules of democracy” in order to make their government work.

Which proves once and for all that she has no actual idea how the Westminster system works. ‘But, Horgan didn’t win’ *stomp stomp. Actually, the leader who can command the confidence of the House wins, and the socialist hordes have stormed the gates!

Indeed, Judith Guichon consulted 30 experts on constitutional convention. But in the end, it was Clark’s own ego that made her decisions easier:

According to the official, Ms. Guichon watched a live-stream of Ms. Clark’s media availability, paying close attention to what the Premier said – and did not say. It struck Ms. Guichon that Ms. Clark did not mention that she had tendered her resignation and requested dissolution, the official said.

Of course, nobody really knows what was said between the two women. Or do we? Premier Clark and the Lieutenant Governor: What Really Happened.

Lieutenant-governor: There will be no new election.

Clark: Pretty please? I’ll even help people. For real this time.

Lieutenant-governor: I will soon be visited by NDP leader John Horgan.

Clark: Ooh, I’ve had that nightmare too. I always wake up screaming, sheets soaked in sweat. Last time it happened Horgan was rattling chains, saying, “Mankind is my business.” Catchy. I told him I’d put that in the new Throne Speech. Then I was visited by the Ghost of Supreme Court Decisions Past…

Cue the line that Horgan and Weaver are bullies:

And just to rub a little salt in the fresh wound, here’s Martyn Brown: Is Christy Clark B.C.’s worst-ever premier? Not to defend Clark here, but she was the logical successor to the Gordon Campbell era. The decisions she made were done with full support of a massive party apparatus, and not in a vacuum. The B.C Liberals, of whom Brown was a member, would like to convince you that it was the hubris of Christy Clark that brought her down. While this would be partly true, there’s no denying that it was the party itself, so desperate to hold on to power that they are now throwing their own acolyte under the bus.

This is funny though: Firefighters use Jaws of Life to extract Christy Clark from BC Premiership.

Of course, the left can’t rest on its laurels. New Players, Same Game: How the NDP-Greens Won’t Address the Housing Crisis. There is a lot of speculation in this article. And come on, it’s been one day! I hope that Horgan proves Crompton wrong here and I can get back to making fun of the right wing media attacking lefties. Remember when Tea & Two Slices used to be funny?

Sigh. Time to find a new Vancouver elsewhere in B.C.. I can’t believe this is even real. Here is Pete Fry’s take:

Having extracted as much profit as possible, Western Investor advises savvy investors surrender city to presumably more risk tolerant speculators, the elites, and “indulged underclass”.

“Indulged underclass” of course, totally reminds me of those overly indulged folks who were living the Balmoral, or the tent city on Main Street. So indulged.

Posted entirely unironically, and without a whiff of shame. After years of advising investors how to squeeze and profit off Vancouver’s tight rental market, The Western Investor calls for political leadership, not to solve Vancouver’s housing crisis; but to unlock the profit potential farther afield, suggesting speculators spread Vancouver’s malaise to the rest of the province.

Of course, “Those are the realities while we live in a market-based capitalist system”: Burnaby mayor defends Metrotown redevelopment. Well, no, these are the realities of late-capitalism, Mr. Corrigan, and it’s why we need to dismantle it.

Um… Month-to-Month: How 2 UBC Administrators Live on $8,700 a Month in Vancouver. Is VanMag trying to pull a Toronto Life on us? Subsidized housing and subsidized daycare and they make $8,000 a month?

Speaking of which: Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Penthouse Apartment. Not saying that the mayor presiding over the twin-crises of housing and overdoses should live in a hovel, but… This brand of environmentalism is pretty consistent with elite technocratic liberalism, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Meanwhile, Bob Rennie compares most of Chinatown to some “shitty paintings”: Vancouver’s Future Hinges on the Fight to Save Chinatown. “It’s super-controversial, because everybody wants all of Chinatown to stay ‘yesterday,’ Not true, and also a tu quoque logical fallacy. “So incentivize me to save something, but give density that can stay in the area”. Wait, so it’s up to us to incentivize the most powerful realtor in Vancouver? Is our Stockholm syndrome really that far gone? Jesus Christ!

Another take: Vancouver’s Chinatown is here to stay. Lindsay Brown: “Big difference between the vibrancy of real life and the vibrancy of capital for the 1%. What’s killing the former in Chinatown is the latter”.

To wit: Iconic Hon’s set to close in Chinatown.

Bonus: Watch this crew of female Vancouver skateboarders recreate ‘Stand By Me’.

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