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Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive
2781 Commercial Dr.


Monday – Thursday: 4-10pm | Friday: 4-11pm
Saturday: 10am-11pm | Sunday: 10am-10pm


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The People

Owners: Jackie Avery & Aiyana Kane
General Manager: Melil Hodgson

About The Burrow

Handmade Vegetarian Food in the Heart of East Van

The Burrow is a space where everyone belongs. It is a cozy refuge where people are welcomed inside with open arms, good food, and caring service. We serve hearty, affordable, and tasty vegetarian and vegan food that you can eat everyday. We are committed to always having some affordable meals on our menu because it matters to us that people in our community can afford to eat here. We contribute to our community by buying locally, having relationships with our distributors, and by seeking out partnerships with companies that are run by people who have been marginalized in our society, or are directly contributing to the well-being of our community. We have local artists displayed on our walls and we feature and fundraise for organizations that promote social justice and environmental protection. We are committed to treating each other, our customers, our distributors, our delivery drivers, and everyone in our community with dignity.

The restaurant opened in 2009 as a scrappy DIY project by best friends, Jackie Avery and Aiyana Kane. The menu was created by Aiyana Kane who grew up as a vegetarian in California. Aiyana has been eating and cooking Mexican-vegetarian food since early childhood – with Mexican dishes being common at the dinner table and at family holiday feasts.

Originally the restaurant was named Bandidas Taqueria, but the name was changed in the Spring of 2022 after learning that the word ‘bandido’ can be used as a derogatory term towards people who are of Hispanic & Latin American descent. We love the new name, The Burrow. We love the coziness. We love the underground movement vibe. We love that the name means refuge, shelter or home. In our original business plan, we wrote that we wanted our customers to feel as though they were being welcomed into their friend’s home. We are delighted by how well the name, The Burrow, fits with the heart of the restaurant.