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Region: The Islands
1831 Maple Avenue South, Sooke


Thursday-Sunday, from 4-8pm
Book online for Dine-in | Call 250-642-3596 after 4pm for To Go


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  • Wild Mt Entrance
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  • Wild Mt Beef Tartare
  • Wild Mt Dining Room
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  • Wild Mt Fireplace
  • Rhubarb Fizz by EAN
  • Wild Mt Prosciutto

The People

Chef-Owner — Oliver Kienast
Sommelier-Owner — Brooke Fader
Sous Chef — Scott Wood
Dining Room Manager — Karina Heins-Kaemmer

About Wild Mountain Food & Drink

Wild Mountain is a rural restaurant adhering to Slow Food values of sourcing ingredients directly from small-scale food producers.

Located in the town of Sooke about an hour from Victoria on the west coast of Southern Vancouver Island, our menu is constantly changing to reflect the harvest and our environment, where the forest meets the sea. We serve naturally fermented wines, cider and beer along with craft spirits and local infusions.

Awards & Accolades

Founding Members of the Slow Food Chef’s Alliance

Gold Winner, Best Victoria, Vancouver Magazine 2019