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On Failing Canadians On Cannabis And Our Need To Hail Rides At 4am


by Sean Orr | Tough week for Justin: ‘Grow a spine … and punish people who commit fraud,’ NDP tell Liberals over tax dodge reports.

No, we would rather punish the people we told marijuana was going to be legal. For life: Charges laid against Marc and Jodie Emery in Toronto could mean life in prison. Ugh, and at a time when we should be decriminalizing all drugs. Our top doctor even said so.

So it turns out our Foreign Affairs minister is the grand-daughter of a Nazi propagandist: Freeland knew her grandfather was editor of Nazi newspaper.

And anyone who criticizes her about Ukraine is a pro-Putin troll…

Trudeau probably wishes he could just stay in Texas, because they “get him”: ‘No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them’: Justin Trudeau gets a standing ovation at an energy conference in Texas. Except that it’s not fucking oil. Even Shell is leaving the stuff in the ground.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau’s women’s day post ‘shameful’. Is this just an honest gaffe or a true expression of the failures of white, middle-class, baby-boomer liberalism vis-a-vis second-wave feminism? Or is it something darker, like a Stockholm Syndrome-like siding with your patriarchal oppressor?

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At least she didn’t praise Thatcher:

As one tweet noted, International Women’s Day was started by socialists.

But he’s not finished: Maxime Bernier Criticized For Using ‘Red Pill’ Meme Popular Among Anti-Feminists.

And this is our best chance to beat O’Leary: O’Leary, Bernier alone at the top in latest Mainstreet Tory leadership poll. I guess I was wrong about that Leitch video.

But the award for worst Tory of the week goes to this person: Conservative senator defends ‘well-intentioned’ residential school system. Holy fuck.

Meanwhile, the NDP Base Is Crying Out For Principled Left Leadership.

The party is doomed to sit on the sidelines for generations if we elect a centrist leader with another mushy middle-of-the-road platform. NDP members want a leader with a solid commitment to socialist principles.

It rings true provincially, too: Martyn Brown: On whose side, John Horgan?

(Glen Clark) won it with a populist appeal to working families. One that pitted their standard of living against the leader and party who supposedly only cared about increasing corporate profits, cutting corporate payroll costs, and cutting crucial public services that were so material to British Columbians’ quality of life.

He also won because the right was split, but I agree…

How a Preacher Who Thinks God Elected Trump Filled a Hockey Arena in Vancouver. Remember this when the election results come back and we see that a shocking percentage of millennials voted for Clark. They have no hope for the future, and are now turning to God to allay their fears.

And what better way to court that millennial vote? Uber is coming to B.C., province announces. I could link to a bunch of articles about how it’s a terrible company; how you should carpool instead; how it’s precarious labour; but at 4am you bettter believe I’m getting in that Uber.

Peak Vancouver of the Day:

Bonus: Elton John walks into Vancouver record store, asks for rapper’s vinyl.

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