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Neighbourhood: Kitsilano
1944 West 4th Ave.


Brunch: All week, 9am-2pm
Dinner: Mon & Thurs, 5-9pm | Fri-Sun 5-9:30pm


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Head Chef: Matthew Villamoran
General Manager: Nicolle Vaupotic
Owner/ Proprietor: Ron MacGillivray
Owner / Social Media: Kathy Schleyer
PR: Michelle Lan

ABOUT Fable Kitchen

Fable is a farm to table restaurant in the heart of Kitsilano, opened in 2012.

Product arrives daily from local farms resulting in a constantly evolving menu. All food is made fresh for every service using expert cooking technique and delivered to our guests in a professional and unpretentious atmosphere.

An open kitchen at the front of the room showcases the talented team in our kitchen; this seating right in front of the kitchen line (the “chef’s table”) is the favorite spot of many regulars.

An award winning wine list and house-made cocktails focusing on local distillers compliment the menu.