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On Soup Cans & Renting A Luxury Shoebox In The Middle Of The Road


by Sean Orr | Well, this is awkward. Christie Blatchford: Sorry, Christy Clark, a close call is not the same as a sexual assault. The worst writer in Canada is victim-blaming the worst premier in Canada! On top of that, Christy Clark was a dishwasher? This is really hard for me you guys…

Such a disclosure made by a politician with the third-lowest approval rating for premiers in the country (according to a February Angus Reid poll), who is facing an election within the year, ought to be met with at least a soupçon of cynicism.

Indeed, but such a statement by the person who applauded the Ghomeshi verdict must also be met with a soup can of criticism (damn you, autocorrect).

33 Acres of Smackdown:

Awesome. Hilarious. Timely. Self-entitled. Faddish. The affordability question is so hot right now. I understand that. But maybe it obfuscates things with white noise. Affordable rent? A real thing that needs to be addressed and can be. Social housing? Yes, build more and change the definition. Blaming the mayor because you can’t afford to own a house in a land-scarce major North American city with one of the highest standards of living? I’m not so sure that’s the place to start.

And even if it’s hard right now, just think of the stories you’ll tell the kids you can’t afford.

There’s a lot of blame to be shared. The CMHC, the Bank of Canada, the failure to adequately mine data on foreign ownership, tax-loopholes, money-laundering, and the self-regulating real estate industry: NDP calls out B.C. government on real estate council reappointments.

“It is astounding that the premier would reappoint the same people who were sitting on this council’s board when penalties were approved that are a slap on the wrist for rogue realtors ripping off British Columbians with impunity”- David Eby

Related: MLA David Eby (NDP-Vancouver Point Grey) will be conducting an AMA with us here on June 22nd at 12pm.

It was probably a tourist: Vancouver Cyclists: We Have A Problem. Agree with the self-entitlement, but linking HUB Cycling to the NRA? Yeesh.

Big ups to Nick Eagland for covering this: Protesters rally against Port’s plan to expand operations near Vancouver’s CRAB Park. Rallies are great and all, but because the Port is beholden to no one, direct action is better. So let’s disrupt this year’s free movies at Canada Place.

Colonialists romancing pre-colonial times: History of Metro Vancouver: Before Vancouver, 1791.

Dick move of the day: Man fined $175 for removing seatbelt to give money to officer dressed as panhandler.

Music of the day: Preoccupations Announce New Album, Share “Anxiety” Video. Although it won’t please all of the SJWs, that Viet Cong changed their name to Preoccupations (‘stop being preoccupied with our name’) is brilliant.

Art of the day: Jonathan Syme.

Bonus: Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment.

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  1. The best part about Gregor’s tweet is even our city manager who makes $300,000+ a year can’t afford to buy a house lolz. It has taken a number of years but perhaps finally Vision’s base is waking up to the reality that Gregor et al really haven’t delivered on things for the last little while.

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