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On The Premier’s Hatred Of Pot And Baby Boomers Ruining Everything


by Sean Orr | The natural governing party: Cold, hard reality about to hit the Liberals on three fronts. Who wants to bet they sneak all of this in on Friday, December 16th, the last day of school before Christmas break? Tick, tock…

Don’t stand in the way of national interests on Kinder Morgan, Calgary mayor tells Vancouver. National interests? So climate change isn’t in the national fucking interest? How thoroughly the cowboys have ruined you, Nenshi!

This is what the national interest look like: A loving roar of opposition as BC readies to fight Kinder Morgan.

Nenshi is the cool face of neo-liberal ur-fascism, the supermanagerial reich vis-a-vis the collapse of Globalism and the end of identity liberalism. He probably wears a safety pin, too.

So if the BC Liberals are lacking in bold ideas, except for the populist ride-sharing resolution and in the face of the BCTF decision, what do they do?

How about make up a rumour that pot is laced with fentanyl after doing nothing about fentanyl for years? Questions arise following B.C. premier’s comments on pot laced with fentanyl. “In a statement, Vancouver Police say they have been involved in many investigations where officers find suspects in possession of fentanyl, along with a variety of other drugs, but they have not made any seizures where marijuana contains or is ‘laced’ with fentanyl.” Wow, they’ve realy got this post-truth thing down already!

Meanwhile, over at the NDP: It’s far too early to write off John Horgan and the B.C. NDP. Not a promising headline but it’s probably better than “If this man kicked a dog he’d still win the election…”

But an odd thing happened over the past three-and-a-half years. Clark has morphed from being a political outsider wearing a hard hat to a bona fide member of the establishment. These days, the premier is looking a lot more like Hillary Clinton than the damn-the-torpedoes risk taker of 2013.

Sick Farragut reference there, Charlie Smith. Your references are out of control, man. Everyone knows that.

Hey, what’s the Fraser Institute up to these days, asked nobody ever: Mary Poppins—song, dance and latent socialism.

Police seek public’s help after 25 suspicious fires at vacant homes in Vancouver. “Investigators not sure if fires are linked, still trying to determine motives…” Apparently no one has told the cops about the new empty homes tax.

Hot tip of the day: Unfair parking fees on private lots aren’t tickets — so you don’t need to pay them, expert says.

Gray jay gets nod for Canada’s national bird. So they’re graying and famous for taking handouts? It sounds like the Baby Boomers picked this one.

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