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On Taking Christy’s Cash And The Future Flooding Of St. Paul’s Hospital


by Sean Orr | So this paid advertorial on the cover of the Georgia Straight tricked me. I was out getting coffee and almost spat it out. I ran to my computer to look up the story on the website but I couldn’t find it. If it duped me – albeit after a quick glance – imagine how many low-information voters this will lure:

Unless it’s a sneaky maneuver by the Straight to take BC Liberal money hoping people like Derrick (above) would take the bait and it would subsequently blow up in Clark’s face, then tou-fucking-ché. If not, then shame on you guys. These types of ads should be banned.

I mean, I love the Straight and all, but even Nardwuar looks hollow in lieu of this profit-driven swindle: Nardwuar gets up close and personal with B.C. party leaders Christy Clark, John Horgan, and Andrew Weaver. Oh great, now I hate punk rock.

A person fucking died because of this and Clark can’t remember being briefed? Ombudsperson finds government decisions harmed 8 fired health ministry workers.

Best comment:

Glen Clark is investigated by the RCMP and vilified in the media for weeks over a $1200 deck. He is later exonerated of any wrong doing. Eight innocent people lose their jobs and a man commits suicide. No RCMP investigation and, ironically, the media simply echoes the government’s lies about a fake investigation. If you had any doubt that we live in a banana republic, here’s your proof.

It’s time for regime change. Christy Clark must go.

So remember when the Liberals said Christy’s stipend was a car allowance? She also got, wait for it, a free car.

Eby for the win:

This week’s Captain Obvious award goes to the Globe & Mail: Rising housing costs may price many out of Vancouver: report.

Not so happy birthday: Canada 150 is a celebration of Indigenous genocide.

Not only is Canada refusing to share the bounty of its own piracy; it’s using that same bounty to celebrate its good fortune. Arguably, every firework, hot dog and piece of birthday cake in Canada’s 150th celebration will be paid for by the genocide of Indigenous peoples and cultures.

Related: ‘We’re dealing with a lot of deep trauma’: B.C. Aboriginal peoples turn to culture for healing amid overdose crisis.

Collective denial: Facing the change: Five Canadian cities threatened by climate change now.

But yeah, let’s build a $1.2-billion hospital where the ocean used to be: Climate change, rising sea levels, and the location of the new St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. (That’s more like it, Straight!)

Schadenfreude Friday: $3.3 million Vancouver Trump Tower condo possibly has the worst staging ever.

Music of the day: Why does Riverdale’s Archie have so many Canadian band posters?

Sports of the day: NHL to keep professionals home from Olympics, send Vancouver Canucks instead.

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  1. Derrick is a “journalist” and a leftist so what you really want to say is the everyday people. The Georgia Straight sold out a long time ago. Horgan needs to loose badly so the NDP will finally accept that Eby needs to become party leader to win and kill off the Liberals once and for all.

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