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Neighbourhood: North Vancouver
180 Donaghy Ave.


(As of October 13th, 2018)
Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm | Sunday 10am – 5pm


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The People


Owner & Operator: Jason Pleym

The Shop – Butcher Shop & Eatery
Head Chef: Lee Yarrow
Head Butcher: Pasqual Stufano
Restaurant Manager: Nicole Turcotte

Wholesale Sales Reps:
Fraser Mittlestead – Vancouver, Lower Mainland
Kyle McLaws – Vancouver, Lower Mainland
Gian Linuzzi – Vancouver Island
Dave Wright – Sea to Sky
Jesse Croy – Okanagan

About Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Two Rivers Specialty Meats has supplied BC’s finest restaurants and retailers with ethical and sustainable meat since 2007. And in October 2017 they opened the doors to their first first public-facing butcher shop and eatery, aptly named Two Rivers Meats — The Shop.

Customers across Vancouver can now source their meat like the pros: purchasing house-made sausages, salumi and hand-tooled cuts by Pasqual Stufano and his team, who employ time-honoured and traditional seam-butchery techniques for more authentic and flavourful results.

Under the same roof, Chef Lee Yarrow’s kitchen and family-style eatery will work in tandem with the butcher shop to highlight the best preparations for a multitude of products.

Menu items such as the 60-Day Dry-Aged Burger and Rotisserie Chicken are posted on the overhead menuboard alongside the daily Charcuterie and Butcher Features, a house-made chicken or beef Bone Broth and, of course, hand-cut French fries cooked in beef tallow. In keeping with Two Rivers Meats’ local focus, a rotating selection of local B.C. beer and wine will be available on tap.

Two Rivers Meats selects, prepares and sells only ethically and sustainably raised products from like-minded farms across BC, including Cache Creek Natural Beef, Peace Country lamb, Cheam View Pork, Farmcrest Chicken, Canadian Rangeland bison, Yarrow Meadows Farm duck, and many more. They also have premium dry aged beef and charcuterie progams that provide a wide range of unique flavour profiles and quality products.


2011 Vancouver Magazine Awards, Producer/Supplier of the Year
2010 Vancouver Magazine Awards, Producer of the Year (Sloping Hill Pork)
North Vancouver Chamber Business Excellence, Sustainability Award Finalist 2018