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Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1508 Nanaimo St.


Seven days a week, 7am – 5pm


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The People

Erin Ireland, Owner & Founder
Darren Yada, Special Assistant to Founder
Thibault Champel, General Manager
Andrea Polz, Assistant General Manager

About To Live For Bakery

To Live For Bakery is an independent, purpose-driven bakery on a mission to prove that the future of baking is plant-based. Established in 2011, we transitioned away from animal ingredients a few years into our journey after learning what happens to animals in the dairy and egg industries. Through trial and error, we believe the few ingredient swaps we’ve made have led to even more delicious products. Our menu comprises two product lines: decadent options (think chocolate macadamia banana bread, coconut lemon loaf and salted double chocolate cookies) and more nutritious options (breakfast cookies, peanut butter power balls and banana-oat-tahini everyday cookies). To Live For currently supplies baked goods to over 150 cafes and shops across the Lower Mainland, and in August 2022, we’ll be opening a brick-and-mortar location at 1508 Nanaimo Street. Although we’re twelve years in, we feel like we’re just getting started.