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On The Worst Person In Alberta & Hurling Abuse At Emergency Crews


by Sean Orr | Apples and oranges pipelines: Safe injection sites for oil: Why doesn’t Canada’s harm reduction philosophy also apply to fossil fuels? Looking past the pedantic moral relativism and shockingly amateurish false equivalency (a person doing drugs is the same as a multinational mega-corporation extracting our shared resources?), isn’t that sort of what we are asking for? Like, oil is bad but if you have to do it can you maybe not harm our water and our native land?

Of course, this is the National Post we’re talking about. Imagine if someone like The Tyee said the same thing? Oh wait… With Good Stewardship, LNG Can Be a Social Good. “Lionel Railton is Canadian director of the International Union of Operating Engineers”. Ah yes, a dinosaur.

Speaking of left leaning fossils, here’s the National Observer being transmisogynists: Bill C-16 is flawed in ways most Canadians have not considered.

As unpopular as this fact has become, a man or boy who wishes to identify as a woman or girl, perhaps taking on stereotypically feminine body language, hairstyles, and clothing, is still male

TIL what a TERF is. It’s a trans exclusionary radical feminist. Meghan Murphy is a TERF. Turf the TERF.

So while a team named the Indians played in the World Series (and lost last night), a foreign company was arresting unarmed aboriginals for protecting their own land and a bunch of white dudes were found not guilty for an armed takeover of federal land.

And then there’s this: Montreal protester forced to buy $1500 worth of indigenous costumes. This is not mischief. Mischief is when you render something useless, like smashing a street light. Putting a sticker on the pole of a streetlight or on a package that contains a costume, does not render either object useless. [I know this because I was arrested for mischief — defacing an ad at The Bay — and I was acquitted.]

In other poor taste Halloween decisions: Halloween party too close to site of recent tragedy, say West End residents.

I really hope that racist down south doesn’t win and set America back 50 years: Alberta trucking company says racist slur sticker ‘a joke’. And the punchline? “No charges have been laid against the company or the driver of the vehicle”. What a joke.

Cue another article about us being smug, which sort of now just comes across as smug: Hokey Canadian pride won’t get us anywhere close to reconciliation.

Until Canadians bother to acknowledge a gloomier, unfriendlier Canada that teems beneath the clichéd surfaces of Mounties and maple dip doughnuts and compulsively muttering, “oh pardon, eh?,” we simply can’t afford the kind of flattering, feel-good banality that already seems to be defining our nation’s 150th anniversary.

So Mike Myers will cry for The Laffs but not 150 years of wretched colonialism? Oh, behave!

Meanwhile, The Beaverton solved the problem of the Indian Act in one fell, comedic swoop.

Oh, let me guess, he’s not racist…he was just having a bad day: B.C. man whose racist tirade went viral planning to turn himself in girlfriend says. Thanks for reminding us that the epithet “shitskin” exists, asshole.

We’re the worst, part 6: Angry motorists berate first responders at fatal crash scene on Malahat. To be fair, though, they had to get home to watch Crime Scene Investigation. And they’d be darned if a crime scene investigation was going to stop them.

Of course, CSI Vancouver would probably involve police dragging an elderly Chinese man out of a heated strata meeting: New West police to review Coquitlam RCMP arrest caught on video.

Instagram of the day: Vancouver is over.

Win of the day: Seymour trail users given OK to access CMHC land. Never underestimate the power of Tea & Two Slices.

Bonus: The Vancouver Forest That Has Been Every Wooded Location on ‘X-Files’.

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