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Neighbourhood: Burnaby
4396 Beresford St.


Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Closed Mondays


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The People

Elena Krasnova, Owner and Pastry Chef

About Mon Paris Pâtisserie

Born in Russia, Elena Krasnova, owner and pastry chef of Mon Paris Pâtisserie studied in Paris at the famed Ferrandi l’Ecole de Gastronomie before working at France’s oldest and most storied patisserie, Dalloyau. Elena brought her international experience home to B.C. in 2017 with the launch of her Burnaby pasty shop, Mon Paris Pâtisserie, where she continues to create and showcase her exquisite pastries, chocolates and desserts. Elena’s pastry and confectionary creations have been featured in esteemed North American and European publications showcasing her unique and artistic style and garnering her the attention of top pastry chefs around the world.

Favourable Reviews

“Russia-born pastry artist impresses with her creativity…” – Vancouver Sun

“…this pastry chef demonstrates a personal, colourful style based on classic pastry flavors that she subtly updates using all sorts of influences from her journeys.” – So good… magazine

“Mon Paris does macarons right every time and they have an incredible array of flavours…” – Burnaby Now

“The presentation of a pastry dessert is extremely important, however, the taste is quintessential. A perfect partnership is when the taste and the visuals are in sync.” – Lucid Dessert Magazine

“Unbridled passion for modern art desserts: Master Chef Elena Krasnova” – Appy Bistro