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Neighbourhood: Main Street
3102 Main St.

Market Dates

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  • after times art
  • Joanna Lovett Sterling
  • consciouscare
  • HH-1027
  • jessicareddittdesigns
  • winterluxe recycled cashmere shearling pouches
  • kate&frances kelsey bulb sleeve dress
  • winterluxerecycledcashmeretoque

The People

Janna Hurtzig, Curator and Organizer

About First Pick Handmade

First Pick Handmade began September 2017 as a curated pop-up marketplace showcasing Canadian Made Fashion, where shoppers can purchase directly from the designers. An emphasis on Slow Fashion allows designers creating made-to-order and limited-run items to exhibit collections that have struggled to find a place in the standard retail landscape.

First Pick Handmade aims to provide a venue for customers to not only purchase high quality pieces in a boutique style environment, but to gain a sense of connection to their clothing and household items through a better understanding of the item’s materials and manufacturing process.

For our designers, First Pick Handmade provides a thrice annual space to not only exhibit and sell their work but also a place to come together with other makers. We believe in keeping manufacturing skills alive in our community and our show provides a collective push-back against mass produced Fast Fashion.

First Pick Handmade is curated for quality and aesthetic by Janna Hurtzig of Winterluxe Recycled Cashmere, with an eye to higher end handmade. A craft fair veteran, Janna has been making and selling since 1998 and brings the understanding of what makes for a good event for both makers and consumers alike.

Favourable Reviews

“The impeccably “picked” pop-up market” — Stir Magazine, November 19, 2021

“Looking to green up your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Let First Pick Handmade guide you in your goal of more responsible fashion consumption.” — Vanmag, February 26, 2019