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Neighbourhood: Main Street
3593 Main St.


Open everyday from 5pm – 10pm
Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm


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The People

Cody Allmin – Operations Manager
Alex Thornley – General Manager
Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson – Head Chef
Connor Sperling – Sous Chef
Nicole Cote – Bar Manager

About Published on Main

Published is the new project from Cody Allmin, located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. With interiors designed by Evoke, the 100+ seat restaurant inhabits a voluminous, two-level space in the new build at Main and 20th.

The menu is focussed on wow-factor cocktails and the refined, West Coast-inspired cooking of 34 year-old chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson. This young talent has made all the right moves a young chef can make, having skipped town (essential) to stage at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe (including Noma in Copenhagen) before returning to toil through the ranks under the guidance of local greats (also essential), in Gus’ case under Scott Jaeger (The Pear Tree) and David Hawksworth (Hawksworth Restaurant). He’s been a Sous Chef for years now, so he’s earned some prime time and a kitchen of his own.

What’s with the name? “Published” conveys the sense of contributive undertaking and accomplishment that Cody’s aiming for; the kind that comes when a carefully considered effort is properly executed from start to finish and then shared with the world at large. That the name is passive-tense and past-participle feels right, as it conveys both confidence and a will to do the hard work required to see a project like this through. The name is unorthodox, but not thoughtless.

Published is a casual, approachable restaurant of the sort that regularly exceeds expectations.