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On Eating Caviar With Christy And Abandoning Vancouver In Despair


by Sean Orr | Well, it’s been a month so that means we’re overdo for another crybaby leaves the party but makes it known to everyone that they’re leaving the party editorial: Jennifer Fox: Goodbye Vancouver, you should go and love yourself. While I could point to the vapid Bieber quotes and self-entitled vacuousness at comparing her inability to get a job to an abusive relationship, I’ll post a more positive take from my own brother:

A city is nothing but an engine for change. A catalyst. The best cities and the best citizens of these cities embrace this dynamism and stand in the flow and flux. They fight for the people and ideas they love, they defend neighbourhoods, they push ideas, create solutions, give hi fives, they engage, and scrap and yell and push back. They don’t run away and then write a shitty letter about it. Stay and love. Stay and fight.

Of course, there is truth in what she says. There always is. Take, for example, the very lamentable closing of The Railway Club this week. It sucks. One more venue closes because the people living here can’t afford to go out. But something will replace it. Somewhere else. Something better. You know, like a Donnelly-run Bone Luge parlour.

Speaking of staying and fighting, that’s the exact same message Justin Trudeau has for Americans who are afraid of a Trump presidency in this video.

Business as usual: Pricey meetings with premier helping fuel B.C. Liberal fundraising machine. Call me cynical but I totally just thought this is how politics worked. Not everyone can be Bernie. “At a recent dinner hosted by Simon Fraser University chancellor Anne Giardini, 10 guests paid $10,000 each to mingle with Ms. Clark and later sit down to a multicourse dinner”. Anyone want to start a GoFundMe to send a table of four of our best political agitators to one of these dinners? I’m thinking Charles Demers, Sean Devlin, Nicholas Ellan, and Wendy Pedersen.

Meanwhile, B.C. NDP expected to table bill banning union and corporate donations. This is great because if the Liberals vote against it they will look, well, like themselves, but if they vote for it the playing field will be levelled.

Jian Ghomeshi lawyer Marie Henein criticizes Tom Mulcair for #IBelieveSurvivors tweet. The terrible truth is that one can both believe survivors and accept the Judge’s decision. Such is the duplicitous nature of justice. The victims weren’t perfect and the system we have has no room for that.

I’m just going to put this right here: Ghomeshi Judge’s Son Works for Marie Henein’s Brother.

In lieu of Margaret Wente’s “good day for justice” article, here is How to Write Your Very Own Margaret Wente Column.

Time for a Saskatchewan Lexicon page? Student claims Saskatoon police removed ‘starlight tours’ section from Wikipedia page.

Ad gimmick turns into ‘complete disaster’ for Surrey car dealer. Looks like someone could use a visit from Nathan For You.

There are 3 comments

  1. In cases that rest entirely on witness testimony, the witnesses need to avoid contradicting key parts of their testimony with their own testimony, and/or leaving out crucial information, both of which happened in this case. Does that equate to demanding ‘perfection’ from witnesses? Of course not. I know your heart is in the right place but why make comments like that? Why tell victims of sexual assault that they have to be “perfect” if they want justice?

  2. Because that is the message that the verdict sends. “The message this ruling sends is unambiguous: if you want the legal system to protect you, be a good victim. Take detailed notes of your assault, ideally while it’s happening. Don’t laugh, don’t joke, don’t try to normalize the situation. Be consistent: don’t have complicated feelings, don’t contact your assaulter, definitely don’t speak to other women about what happened, especially not if it might have happened to them too. In other words, don’t do anything that a conscious, complex, vulnerable being might do when faced with a traumatic situation.” http://www.thestar.com/opinion/commentary/2016/03/25/the-troubling-message-of-the-jian-ghomeshi-trial.html

  3. Jennifer Fox moved here waaaaaaaaay back in 2009 “before the glass condo boom had really taken off.”

    uh huh.

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