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On Vetting Comments And Lamenting Litter During The Opioid Crisis


by Sean Orr | “You don’t need to have a law degree to know when you’ve been had.” Martyn Brown: Prosecuting the B.C. Liberals. Keep in mind, though, Martyn Brown was former BC premier Gordon Campbell’s long-serving chief of staff…

Speaking of El Gordo: 98 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The Campbell Era 45. Literally the first comment on The Tyee’s Facebook page for this article trots out the old “The NDP killed the economy in the 90s” line, despite being the first point falsehood in the fucking article. Methinks we need this: News site makes readers answer question to prove they understand story before posting comments.

This Twitter account changes all the BC Liberal podium slogans to reflect the truth:

Former premier’s son Brad Bennett re-enlists as Clark’s campaign advisor. So wait, the chairman of BC Hydro, a public utility whose salary is paid with public funds, is actively campaigning for Clark? “I guess I play a bit of a unique role in the campaign in that I don’t have a job title and I don’t specifically have a job description”. Um…

Happy anniversary! Today marks 10 years since welfare rates were raised in B.C. The thing is, this isn’t politics; this isn’t nanny-state, big government, Keynesian economics versus free market, Randian neoliberalism. This is life and death. This affects every facet of our society and it costs us dearly.

To wit: Income inequality is killing thousands of Canadians every year.

The study demonstrates that income inequality is associated with the premature death of 40,000 Canadians a year. That’s equal to 110 Canadians dying prematurely each day. To put that into context, imagine a Bombardier CS-100 jet airplane full of passengers falling out of the sky every day for a year.

At this point I wouldn’t even care if Clark promised to raise the rates. It’s not partisan. It just has to be done.

Unlike her decision to miraculously fund transit improvements after tabling a budget five weeks ago that refused to, as well as mocking the NDP’s 40% transit capital pledge: B.C. government to match federal funding for Broadway SkyTrain extension, Surrey LRT. I like the CBC’s subtle “with a provincial election looming” editorialization in the first line. Yeah, ‘with a provincial election looming’ the province announces… free puppies!

Meanwhile, British Columbians Saddled With $40 Million Clean-Up Bill as Imperial Metals Escapes Criminal Charges.  Just so we’re all clear here,  since 2005, Mount Polley Mining Corp and Imperial Metals Corp have donated $195,010 to British Columbia’s ruling BC Liberal Party. And just to hammer that home, since 2005, Mount Polley Mining Corp and Imperial Metals Corp have donated $195,010 to British Columbia’s ruling BC Liberal party.

Event of the day: HALT SuperPlate 2017. “For just $50,000, you can enjoy a quiet lunch in the sun and advance the HALT agenda with Premier Clark and Minister Responsible for Housing Rich Coleman—if they accept our invitation—almost like a real lobbyist!!!”

Best of April Fool’s: WATCH: We just released our latest campaign video, please share!

Worst of April Fools’: Stephen Harper Jumps Back Into Politics To Run For Tory Leader.

The CPC race is slapstick. The NDP race is politics for adults. This sounds good, but probably doesn’t bode well for the Dippers. People love slapstick.

Related satire of the day: The Beaverton announces bid for Conservative Party leader.

The country is broken. People are on the streets. The economy is not economizing. The country is being invaded by niqab-wearing, tax-loving, baby-hating, transgender elites who want to take away our guns and our Canada. Someone has to step up to the plate in the Conservative leadership race. And that someone is the Beaverton Corporation.

Funny but also not funny. Especially when our own police give shelter to similar hate filled rhetoric: VPD faces criticism over handling of Soldiers of Odin clash during rally. The lesson? Communities must rally together and defend themselves from the far right and their free-speech straw-man rhetoric while law enforcement watches from the sidelines, getting paid.

In the midst of a devastating opioid crisis that is killing 3 people a day, the Courier decides to complain about litter: Vancouver, you’re a mess. No. Capitalism is a mess and it thrives on waste.

In the midst of a housing crisis people are complaining about a gas station being sold to developers: Here’s why you don’t want to run low on gas in downtown Vancouver

Scan of the day:

Terrible joke of the day: Russell Peters’s ‘joke’ about young women had no place at the Junos.

Bonus: I Listened to Every Juno ‘Best Single’ to Learn About Canada and Lost the Will to Live.

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