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On Killing Pollinators & Building A Wall To Keep BC Safe From Alberta


by Sean Orr | Everything is political: Justin Trudeau criticizes Elizabeth May’s Fort McMurray climate connection. “However, any time we try to make a political argument on one particular disaster, I think it’s a bit of shortcut that can sometimes not have the desired outcome. There have always been fires. There have always been floods”. I’d like to add, that there has always been permafrost, and now there is none. Fort Mac has always had 30 degree weather, just not in May.

“May’s comments drew a vicious backlash after they were reported on social media websites from critics who accused her of exploiting the tragedy to advance a political agenda”. And whose fault is it that science has become politicized and pointing out facts is now considered to be advancing an agenda? Believe it or not, one can do the latter while simultaneously having compassion for victims.

Sure, calling it karma is crass, but we’re allowed to critique consumer culture while participating in it.

And why is ok to politicize an act of terror? Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a mentally ill recovering addict shoots up Parliament Hill, and the response is Bill C-51. But, as Nicholas Ellan writes, “if Fort McMurray burns to the ground because of a heat wave, it is rude and insensitive of us to re-evaluate our national energy strategy and our collective response to the climate crisis?” I mean, if we can’t talk about climate change now, when can we?

Meanwhile, Christy Clark is doing her part: B.C. needs to stop its fires from crossing into Alberta: Premier Clark on Fort McMurray. Perhaps we could build some sort of ice wall. Think of the jobs that it would create! And we could make Alberta pay for it, too!

Especially since it looks like not a single LNG plant will ever be built: Canadian LNG prospects keep getting worse as prices tank and red tape delays projects.

But would they be minimum wage jobs? B.C. to boost minimum wage to $10.85 an hour. So while Bernie Sanders crusades for $15/hr (in American dollars!), Christy gives us a few extra pennies. The second lowest minimum wage paired with the highest cost of living. It’s just bad for the economy.

Here’s Bob Mackin with the tweet of the day:

The park board clearly has their priorities straight: Love lock sculpture coming to Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park. File that under Peak Vancouver.

Without merit: Insecticide toxic to bees promoted to kill Vancouver chafer beetles. Maybe just don’t have a front lawn in the first place. Donate it to Inner City Farms instead.

Scan of the day:

Come thru it’s lit: Canadians Are Completely Nerding Out On The Long-Form Census.

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