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All photos credited to Katie Cross Photography


Neighbourhood: Downtown East Side
415 Powell St.


Open nightly at 5:30pm


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The People

Owner: Andrew Jameson, Katie Jameson, Sean Reeve, Antonio Cayonne
Chef: Sean Reeve
General Manager: Antonio Cayonne
Wine Director: Cody Dodds
Service Director: Bailey Hayward

About The Mackenzie Room

The Mackenzie Room is a contemporary farm to table restaurant in the heart of the DTES. We offer an engaged approach to hospitality, family-style dining and serve a progressive chalk board menu that changes through the seasons, celebrating everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Owner, Chef Sean’s culinary roots are firmly planted in the techniques of the old world. He has a nostalgic approach to his food interpreted through a modern voice that brings a beautiful balance to his cuisine. Each seasonal menu offers 12 dishes featuring an abundance of local ingredients and cultural influences that excites carnivores and vegans alike.

The wine list is reflective of the abundant wine culture we have in our province. We predominately list and pair wines from BC and prefer to showcase smaller producers that make killer juice. We do, however, have a soft spot for a select few natural wine makers around the globe and will often have a small international selection to play around with. We also offer a full bar with craft cocktails and keep a rotating draft beer list that is sourced from our favorite local brewers.

Opened in 2015, TMR is a place where rustic meets refined. It’s the place to connect with friends and loved ones, to dine outside of the box, and to fall in love with the best of BC.

TL;DR We built the place where we would want to go! We get to do what we want, the way we want and have a great time while we are at it!

Awards & Accolades

BEST OF GASTOWN 2018 – Vancouver Magazine

“What a fun meal, with magical flavours, coming from unexpected places. Our server was excellent and fortunately the company was unparalleled (can’t give the room credit for that). The atmosphere is charming, but the volume can be a challenge. Definitely a must try.” – Grant, Diner, Google Review

“Elevated west coast and North American plates with wonderful dabbles into European and Asian ingredients. Top notch service with a blackboard of constantly rotating dishes! One of the places to beat in the current scene.” – James, Diner, Google Review

“It’s an excellent vibe in an excellent room that is serving up some seriously good food and drink.” – Anya Levykh, The Westender