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Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1190 Victoria Drive


Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday from 4pm to 10:30pm
(*holiday hours may vary)

Find our Il Saltimbocca by Via Tevere wood fire sandwich truck downtown from Wednesday to Friday via the StreetFood App.


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VT Capricciosa

Dom Morra, owner
Frank Morra, owner


VT Margherita

It began in a small palazzo on Via Tevere —a street in the heart of Naples where the patriarch of the family and his four sisters were raised. Throughout childhood and to this day, the owners of Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana have spent countless summers on Via Tevere, where they quickly learned about the importance of food in the Neapolitan way of life. Of the utmost significance is the iconic pizza, which has become the symbol of Naples. Pizza Napoletana is lauded for its rustic simplicity, its traditional wood-fire cooking method and its celebration of Neapolitan ingredients. The goal of Via Tevere is to honour its family heritage and the tradition of pizza-making by serving up la vera pizza Napoletana — the true Neapolitan pizza.
Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana is one of a handful of pizzerias in Vancouver and in British Colubmia that is certified with Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Association. VPN certification ensures and protects the authenticity and traditional cooking method of Neapolitan pizza.

True Neapolitan pizza is made with double zero flour, San Marzano tomatoes from the Campania region, and fior di latte (milky fresh mozzarella). The dough must be hand stretched with no added mechanical support (no rolling pin or stretcher) and must be cooked in a woodfire oven. True Neapolitan pizza will have minimal toppings for a balance of flavour, the originals being the Margherita and the Marinara. The ingredients and toppings used at Via Tevere are typical of a classic Neapolitan pizzeria.

In keeping with VPN standards, the pizzas at Via Tevere will come to the table uncut to preserve the soft centre and the toppings. The crust is expected to be slightly chewy with a distinctive char or leoparding, while the centre should be soft and tender. The pizza as a whole should be easily foldable. Customers can choose to eat it any way they desire, but Neapolitans generally cut it into quarters and then fold the quarter in half, thus keeping all of the sauce and toppings within.

Can’t get to the restaurant…? Via Tevere also has a food truck, serving Neapolitan Saltimbocca (wood fire sandwich) that can be found on Burrard and W. Pender every Tuesday to Friday. Or visit our NY style pizzeria, Straight Outta Brooklyn, located at 350 Robson, 648 Main Street or 701 Kingsway!