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Neighbourhood: North Vancouver
1490 Pemberton Ave.


Douce Diner is open daily, 8am to 3pm

Douce Coop is open Friday & Saturday 4pm to 8pm


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The People

Sous Chef – Brandon Alves
Head Server – Lidka Honsa
Social Media Guru – Dawn Doucette

About Douce Diner

Douce Diner is a neighbourhood restaurant in North Vancouver, opened by co-owners Dawn Doucette and Nino Giangrande in 2019. Before you ask, it’s pronounced “deuce” (the two dice or playing cards; a throw of two at dice; and also a nickname given to Dawn by her peers in her early days while working in the prep kitchen, a shortened version of her last name, Doucette). We value equality, inclusion, and diversity. Everyone is welcome here.

It’s food meant not to impress you, only to bring you joy. The best part is, it does both. We support (and carry products from) local farms, bakeries, distilleries, and more. Our aim with the menu is accessible luxurious (but simple) everyday indulgences. This translates to comfort classics like Eggs Benny, Chicken & Waffles with Country Gravy, and our Double Douce Burger slathered with vintage cheddar, in-house pickled zucchini, and red onions served on a Bad Dog Bakery brioche bun.

It’s been a year since we opened, and we’ve learned a lot, especially with COVID. We had to pivot quickly to keep the business going and our staff employed. This pandemic has taught us a lot about resilience and adaptability and reminded us just how important supporting our community is. We were already a community forward diner, but we learn more every day. We are so lucky to have such a supportive group of regulars and a staff that supports our vision.

We’re reopening on June 3rd, but things will be different. We have been working closely with new health and safety regulations to ensure our guest’s safety is our top priority. We’ve also revised our menu a bit and will be keeping Douce Coop (our fried chicken takeaway meals) running on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer. We had this concept in the works before the initial closure of our restaurant and had envisioned families having picnics with our buckets of chicken in parks. We still have that vision and hope that as things shift and change, it will be brought to life.

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