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Fat Mao

Fat Mao - meaning "prosperous cat" in Cantonese — is a modern noodle bar by Chef Angus An with a focus on Thai-style soups plus southeast Asian sides and drinks.


Fat Mao
217 E Georgia St.
Fat Mao (Downtown)
983 Helmcken St.


Fat Mao Noodles Chinatown
Thursday through Tuesday (closed Wednesdays), 11:30am to 8:30pm

Fat Mao Noodles Downtown
Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays), 11:30am to 9:00pm


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Angus An – Chef/Owner
Sai Woranut Pounpakon – Head Chef and Kitchen Manager
Blair Shim – Restaurant Manager, Chinatown
Natchaya (Jess) Patumrattanachot – Restaurant Manager, Downtown

About Fat Mao

Fat Mao – meaning “prosperous cat” in Cantonese — is a modern noodle bar by Chef Angus An with a focus on Thai-style soups plus southeast Asian sides and drinks. Fat Mao now has two locations — the original in Chinatown, and the newest in Vancouver’s downtown — both inspired by the small storefronts that have been handed down through several family generations, and specialize in making one dish over and over for decades.

Enjoy flavourful made-from-scratch broths and locally sourced noodles accompanied by smaller dishes of B.C. seafood, house-made tofu and seasonal vegetable salads at these casual 25-seat open-kitchen eateries. Chef Angus recommends customizing your noodles with spicy sauces, oils, and tangy vinegars to personalize your own fun, comforting, and interactive meal.

Visit fatmaonoodles.com and follow @fatmaonoodles on Instagram for more information and up-to-date specials.


“We were especially seduced by koh soi (or Changmai curry noodles), a northern Thai dish in which scissor-cut rice noodles swim in a rich, complex sauce amdist bean sprouts, crisp fried noodles, fresh herbs, and a falling-off-the-bone chicken leg” – Vancouver Magazine

Oodles of Noodles – Joanne Sasvari, The Vancouver Sun

An is undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s best chefs – Fiona Morrow, Vancouver Magazine