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On The Sauder School Of Sensitivity & The Perversity Of Trees In Parks


by Sean Orr | Never question what you read, folks. Why is a Canadian journalism school teaming up with a group that peddles fake news? This coming from a man writing for a newspaper that actively denies the science of climate change and was founded by a millionaire who went to prison for fraud. “A typical hoax involves concocting a press release or phony news event, in hopes of tricking the gullible media into reporting on it as if it were real”. Man, you just answered your own damn question.

Remember last week when I harangued the very white and mostly male Globe editorial board for railing against political correctness? It’s about time: We’ve put up with Mansbridge and his pompous ilk for too long. “Always male, always urbane, always a dad-like figure. That such anchor types are still presented to us is insulting”. Indeed.

Related: We Found Out How Much the CBC Really Pays Mansbridge.

Sources with firsthand knowledge of the CBC’s inner workings tell us that in 2014, Mansbridge was irked by the CBC’s crackdown on speaking-circuit conflicts. The prohibition came in the wake of CANADALAND reports, including one revealing that Mansbridge received $28,000 for a speech to CAPP, the oil sands lobby group. A trusted source says that in fall of 2014, Mansbridge demanded that the CBC compensate him for the corporate money he would now have to refuse, a figure he pegged at $250,000 a year. In effect, Mansbridge was asking the taxpayer-funded CBC to pay him to not moonlight for private companies he reports on as a journalist.

Jesus. No wonder I’ve barely heard about the Charest Affair: What is the Charest affair and why should I care? This one line caught my eye: “If you’re just returning from a lengthy summer vacation, here’s a primer to help you catch up…” Wait, what? People still go on lengthy summer vacations? Now this is news!

Breaking: NEB panel members step down after flurry of criticism.

While this may look like due process on behalf of the Trudeau government, remember he is not your friend. He’s also not your buddy, guy.

Wondering what’ll happen if Trudeau approves a pipeline? Look south. Yeah, but it’s not like we’ll call in the National Guard or anything. We would never do that sort of thing, right?

Decolonize your mind: UBC Sauder School of Business professor calls for mandatory Aboriginal courses. You just know there is someone out there saying “But what about all the other cultures out there? Are they second class citizens?” in one breath and then “All lives matter!” in the next.

Meanwhile, traditional salmon fishing on Capilano River raises complaints. But they said we could have all the fish. So we could make a profit! Not, you know, to feed ourselves. God, you guys are such Indian givers!

Related satire of the day: Documentary crew keeps asking First Nations elder to talk to crow.

In housing news we have the Globe publishing a piece on foreign speculators and tax dodgers entitled Out of the Shadows. Isn’t that a tad melodramatic? I mean, despite also being the name of this year’s widely panned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, it just reeks of self-importance. And the photos? Don’t get me started. ‘We got three amazing pics of Kenny getting into his car, and at one point, he even looks directly at the camera!’

Of course this is a very serious issue and a very good article and it even has a cute little infographic to accompany it because it was waaaay too long to actually read: “Mr. Lazos says that his whistle-blowing will be worth it only if it jolts Ottawa and B.C. into action.” Yeah, good luck with that.

To wit: Province doesn’t have to wait on feds: NDP.

Supply and The Man: Data suggest Vancouver housing supply isn’t the issue, affordability is

The problem then is not a question of production, but the type of housing that is being supplied – and the wealthy demographic that is being targeted. Mr. Yan uses a car analogy. “I enter a car dealership and there are 10 Ferraris, and I have a Honda budget. We aren’t producing enough Hondas.”

Again, really just making it so easy for me to understand. Thanks Globe! More Hondas!

Why almost nobody mentions the film industry when discussing gentrification I’ll never know: Nearly a third of Vancouver industrial space snagged by film crews.

Good news of the day: Health Canada reverses Conservative regulations and allows prescription heroin for severe addicts.

NIMBYS of the day: Brentwood residents angry that city is trying to plant trees in local park.

“If you give people more places to hide, more naughty things will be done,” said one tree opponent.

An adult actually just said that. Also, there are opponents to trees now.

Event of the day: Mapping the Hedge City — Vancouver and Global Capital.

RIP childhood: Developer plans to transform former Stardust site into 50-storey Surrey education centre.

Bonus: Revisit Vancouver’s ’90s Alternative Music Scene with This Cringeworthy MuchMusic Special.

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