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On Rising Fascist Tides And Shots At Last Call For The Working Class


by Sean Orr | Ladies and Gentlemen, your Vancouver Sun: Opinion: Canada replacing its population a case of wilful ignorance, greed, excess political correctness. Wait…ok…so this is what happens when you get rid of all your good writers? Some cucklord who took Sociology at UVic dresses up the dog whistles of white nationalism and presents it as some sort of genuine policy discussion? Seriously, is your whiteness that fucking fragile? “While Canada has been helped by large-scale immigration at various times in its history, the current high intake causes more problems than benefits for our current population.” Yeah? Did one of those “various times” result in the genocide of aboriginals? Has this guy been anywhere in BC other than Vancouver? ‘OMG, it’s just sooo Asian’. Talk about being on the wrong side of history, again.

Rebuttal, via Stuart Parker:

It has been a fairly short interval in which this has not been the editorial position of the Pacific Press newspapers. If you serve as the megaphone of local capital interests in a rentier economy, you traditionally espouse racist, anti-immigrant views. As the paper of record of the Asian Exclusion League, the Sun has racism and white supremacy in its DNA. It was, after all, the paper that made Doug Collins famous before holocaust denial was temporarily placed outside the mainstream.

We have had a less-than-twenty-year respite from the Sun and Province explicitly demonizing immigrants and espousing explicitly white supremacist views on their editorial pages. But clearly, times are a’changin’ back. Looking south and east, I guess a rising fascist tide lifts all boats.

This is what happens when an alt-right meme lord goes to an actual right wing rally: Meme-toting racist troll fails to make friends with actual gun-toting racists. I’m looking at you, UBC Free Speech Club.

Hey, look at all these young asians not assimilating: Chinatown decision: Vancouver council rejects controversial 105 Keefer St. proposal. Beedie, who claimed the NDP was waging class war (because child care) fails in his bid to wage class war in Chinatown. That’s poetry, folks. Charles Demers:

Whether you’re a gentrifying developer or a 1960s urban planner trying to build a highway: VANCOUVER CHINATOWN IS UNDEFEATED. Chinatown is the Russian Winter for people trying to fuck up Vancouver: Napoleon couldn’t beat it, you shouldn’t try either. Filled with so much gratitude to the activists who worked on this. Happy that Chinatown will be there for my Chinese-Canadian daughter, who happens also to be a 5th-generation Vancouverite!

Mike Smyth: There could be trouble brewing in NDP-Green paradise. Here we have the media swallowing the line that the burden to form government lies with the current opposition. Nicholas Ellan:

It’s a dispute between Premier Clark and her own caucus. Clark wanted to go out on a confidence vote, instead of resign, so she asked the LG to give her the opportunity to form a cabinet and present a throne speech. Before she can do this, a Speaker must be elected. The BC Liberals want the GreenDP to put up the speaker, to make it harder for them to govern, but right now the GreenDP are still in opposition. It would be convenient for the Liberals if they were already in opposition and the GreenDP had to lead and deal with the Speaker problem, but they aren’t, because Clark didn’t resign, she decided to drag it out. And she needs to elect a speaker before she can present a throne speech. For her caucus, this blows, because it means to help their leader save face in defeat they must also lend comfort to the enemy which is almost certain to defeat her.

But that isn’t stopping everyone on the #bcpoli Twitter from endless conjecture. I guess this plays into Clark’s ego, because the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about:

Daily Poll: Did Christy Clark go overboard with her 22-member cabinet?. 76% say yes. Deck chairs, Titanic, etc.

Not bad for second place though!

Related: Christy Clark leaves ‘honey-do list’ from hell for likely premier John Horgan. Who knew dismantling our social safety net, undermining public institutions, and pouring billions into boondoggles would be actually have consequences? #christydid

B.C. court grapples with whether to allow class-action lawsuit against SRO landlords. Let the floodgates open!

Live chickens ripped apart, forced into violent sexual acts at Chilliwack farm. Hot take: these workers are asked to work in terrible conditions and are probably paid below a living wage. There is a certain classism at play here when we demonize these guys. Do they have any support systems available to them to deal with the probable PTSD they are all suffering from?

Speaking of classism: Vancouver bans late entry into Granville Street nightclubs as pilot project. Let’s starve the angry suburban working class of the miniscule bit of joy they receive from doing a few shots at last call and see what happens.

Headline of the day: Climate change researchers cancel expedition because of climate change.

Bonus: Iconic punk label dischord just uploaded its entire archive to bandcamp

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  1. Vancouver should take a cue from Amsterdam’s 24 hour clubs. Banning late entry won’t fix the awfulness of Granville Street but staggering last call just might:

    “Twenty-four-hour licences are also an experiment to see whether city-wide closing times, which ensure thousands of unhappy people are kicked out on to narrow, city centre streets at 4 or 6am while “minutes before they were dancing, off in another world”, may not always be a good idea.

    “If you don’t turn the lights on and force everyone to leave a club at 5am, some will leave at 3, and some at 8,” says Milan. “The night can end more naturally. It’s better for the area, nuisance-wise, and for the club, business-wise.” http://bit.ly/2ciBLMQ

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