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On Donnelly Doom, Wild West Cash And The Big, Bad Lords Of Asstown


by Sean Orr | Hey, remember when I said The Railway Club was going to turn into a Donnelly-run bone luge parlour? Well, it turns out I wasn’t that far off: Railway Club will reopen as a Donnelly pub — and not as a music venue. And so we add The Railway Club to the growing pile of Vancouver’s live venues that are no more:

Skylight, The Electric Owl, Zoo Zhop, The Sugar Refinery, Starfish Room/Quadra Club, Blinding Light, W2, Emergency Room, Sweatshop, Red Gate (version one), 151, GLEN 360, Red Lounge, The Niagara,, The Columbia, Richards on Richards, The Lamplighter, Brickyard, Underwear Farm, Butchershop, Honey/Lick/Lotus, Luvaffair, Graceland, Pender Ballroom, The Cave, Smiling Buddha, Marine Club, Seamrippers/Peanut Gallery, Misanthropy, Pic Pub, Marble Arch, Mesa Luna, New York Theatre, The Chair Factory, The Royal, Balmoral, Town Pump/SONAR, Purple Onion, Miss T’s, Selynn Hall, Church of Pointless Hysteria, Triple Threat, punk house on 12th, Java Joint, Babar, Blinding Light, RoyGBiv, Station Street, Lunatic Fringe, Heaven, underg, Sublet, Sinking Ship, Submerged, The House of Slack, The Meatball, Goody, Secret Location (not the restaurant), Crosstown Traffic, The Glass Slipper, Club Carib, Nyala, The Shed, Goonies, Silvertone Tavern, The Candy Bar, The Savoy, The Gate, The Sidedoor, The Dodson, The Buffalo Club, The Pig and Whistle, Cruel Elephant, Oil Can Harry’s, Pink Pussycat, Rohan’s Rockpile, Body Shop, The Rage/ 86 Street Music Hall, The Purple Crab, The Soft Rock Cafe, Hungry Eye, Nappy Dugout, Good Jacket, The Wick Cafe, Press Club, Malcolm Lowry Ballroom, Jolly Taxpayer, Gandy Dancer, Archimedes, Rock Cellar, Jack’s Hanging Tree, Alma Street Cafe, What Gallery, Outlaws, The Windmill, Luxury Bob’s, Rime, Silkhaus, Lime, Castle In The Clouds, The Crying Room, Progression Gallery, The D.A.N. space, City Space, Channel 1, Stalag 13, Franks, La Quena, Broadway Express, The Classical Joint, The Cellar, ArtBank, VIVO (Video Inn), etc.

In an amazing confluence of Peak Vancouver and Donnelization, I’m hoping for a bottle service club called Models & Bottles that’s frequented by these guys: Lords of Gastown: New generation of Vancouver riders rethinks biker style. I can’t believe this is actually a real newspaper article and not a juvenile parody like this hilarious Hard Times piece: Local Man’s Bad Boy Image Entirely Based on Sons of Anarchy.

“Russ was a total dork in high school,” long time friend Lonnie Hunt said. “He marathoned a whole season of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix one day and threw out all his ska records the next. Since then, all he talks about is how great Johnny Cash is. Seriously, he never shuts up about Johnny Cash.”

Or this Facebook parody account: Lords of Asstown.

Yee haw! British Columbia: The ‘Wild West’ of Canadian Political Cash. She’ll probably just play it off as some out-of-touch, Ivory Tower foreign interference. She’ll make a joke about how hard the New York Times crossword is and remind everyone how evil the NDP was….16 years ago. She’ll say, “the reality on the ground is that we’re working for ordinary British Columbians. We have a plan and it’s working” and the grumbling masses will nod and think about jobs. Because a desperate populace makes an ideal workforce. And a distracted populace makes the best voter.

In nine years as British Columbia’s conflict of interest commissioner, Paul Fraser said he has never found any government official to be in violation of the province’s Conflict of Interest Act. Mr. Fraser has donated to Ms. Clark’s political party, and so has his son, John Paul Fraser, who worked on Ms. Clark’s election campaign and now serves in her cabinet as the deputy minister for government communications and public engagement.

I like these articles because even though I’ve been compiling this bullshit for a decade I often lose sight of how fucked up this province actually is. Let’s chalk it up to the legacy of frontier colonialism, shall we?

And look who is hitching his wagon to the cavalcade! Associate at Stephen Harper’s consulting firm behind shadowy new group linked to BC Liberals.

Business interests in the natural resources and hospitality sectors are reportedly bankrolling a group calling itself “Future Prosperity for BC” that plans to blanket British Columbia with attack ads targeting NDP leader John Horgan in advance of BC’s 2017 provincial election.

Well, since nobody even knows who Horgan is yet, let’s hope this backfires.

And yet for all the free-wheeling crony capitilism in BC how much of it can be directly pinned on the feeling of Western Alienation? Like if BC was next to Ontario do you think Clark would be getting away with this?

Inversely, Hedy Fry Says Gov’t Would Do More On Opioid Crisis If It Hit Ontario.

Dear Vancouver renters, you just can’t catch a break.

According to the province’s online calculator, a single parent with two children who earns $33,600 a year, lives in Metro Vancouver and pays $1,000 a month in rent is eligible for a monthly subsidy of $74.26. That’s if you pay for your own heat. You might want to set that money aside to put toward your hydro bill – I hear it’s going to be a big one.

U-Haul evicted man living in Vancouver storage locker. Someone give this guy his own show on OLN.

Protesting real estate developments in Vancouver, then and now. I had a feeling this article was glossing over something. Patrick Condon fills us in:

The real story here is the story they didn’t get. Here it seems that neighbourhood people are always wrong. But what actually happened was this. Neighbourhood people, assisted by good designers like Sean McEwen (shown as one of the speakers) and Scot Hein, came up with an alternative plan. One that had just as many units, made for a better community, and was compatible with what the neighbours loved about their area. Ms Zeidler, did no one mention that it was the community action that resulted in a better design?

Craigslist of the day: Need Artists/Bands /aren’t self serving, narcissistic, egomaniac pricks (Vancouver).

Any profit I make on top of paying my bills and creating a moderate humble life for myself, (which I’m not even remotely close to doing because some of you f%#kwads have been d!ck!ng me around so much) I want to give to charity and social projects – getting food to starving children, world peace and pluralism, first nations rights, homelessness, environmentalism… so by d!ck!ng me around and costing me money you are essentially killing little babies and destroying the planet.

Bonus: This Vancouver artist wants to paint your ‘bitchy resting face’.

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  1. “I can’t believe this is actually a real newspaper article.”

    It is an advertising piece masquerading as a newspaper article. Advertising pieces masquerade as restaurant reviews as well, just look around…

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