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On Right-Wing Lefties & Public Art Softening The Blow Of Rising Rents


by Sean Orr | Justin (sunny ways) Trudeau talks a big left-wing game but governs right, Mersiha Gadzo says.

The three men demanded an apology and filed a $100-million civil lawsuit, which the Liberals supported while in opposition. But now that he’s prime minister, Trudeau and his federal Liberals are continuing Stephen Harper’s legal battle against compensation, filing an appeal against the lawsuit and requesting retroactive blanket anonymity for spies in order to protect government officials complicit in torture.

Maybe that should be Sunni Ways in light of a court case in Britain collapsing “after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting”. Oops.

Justin Trudeau Comic Book Now Available. Apparently his special power is making you forget all the promises he made by taking his shirt off.

The threat of political correctness, real and imagined. Won’t someone protect the Old Stock Canadians? Thankfully the Globe editorial board comes to the rescue. (My friend RJ describes them as “indistinguishable from the lineup for nachos at an Eagles concert.”)

Besides, ‘Political correctness’ doesn’t hinder free speech – it expands it. Conservatives say political correctness is ruining free speech but Colin Kaepernick sits for his anthem and they start crying like little babies.

‘A Tribe Called Red’ DJ: standing for national anthem ‘doesn’t make any sense’. Man, am I ever glad that I never got that maple leaf tattoo in Grade 11!

Via the CBC: 5,000 jobs gone in four months, says Vancouver Home Builders’ Association.

That’s because banks demand a certain percentage of units to be pre-sold before financing is approved, and de Wit said foreign buyers who have recently made those purchases — and who haven’t paid much yet — may walk away from the deals and leave the projects in jeopardy. “This is happening — it’s happening,” he said.

No. This is not happening – it’s just not: Tax shows no sign of slowing luxury condo market as Bosa’s Cardero project sets new high price. You see, the thing about one-trick ponies is that they literally only have one trick. It’s in their name. It’s like, hey Foreign Investor Tax, what can you tell me about zoning, predatory mortgages, the Bank of Canada, the self-regulating real estate industry, and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program? Oh, nothing at all? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Christy Clark would like to wish all of you a happy Labour Day! Half a million people are going hungry in B.C., report says.

Wall to wall: Mural festival hopes to spark dialogue about public art in Vancouver. Well, if my Facebook feed last week was any indicator it certainly worked. Despite co-founder Gabriel Hall’s claim that “we didn’t have anyone come up to us and say, ‘I hate what you’re doing, this is stupid.’” there were certainly plenty of people who felt that way.

I think public art is never a bad thing, but several people reminded me that “art is not automatically better” than a lack of art. Some called it “gentrification decoration (culture washing), bright colours to soothe your increasing rent”, and “fake-vibrancy being curated, as it were, by corporate ‘guerilla marketers’ but with civic funds”.

Others countered, “you can’t really complain about ‘presuming a base-level positive value of art’ by then presuming a different, yet still presumptive ‘base-level positive value of art.’ If we critically open the lid on sponsors and funding bodies for so much top-shelf art, we’re going to be disappointed (but not surprised) by what we find, maybe particularly in this town”.

Related: an interesting commentary on the fragility of the global economy and the comedic intersection between art and commerce — British artist on Vancouver residency stranded on Hanjin freighter.

Vancouver cops to target cyclists, pedestrians. Remember, this is what it look like when cyclists obey all the rules of the road.

Furthermore, this is what it looks like when a driverless car obeys all the rules of the road: Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers.

BC Ferries set to remove on-board arcades. First you remade Ghostbusters with women and NOW THIS? My childhood is ruined.

Bonus: Vancouver professional skateboarder Rick McCrank’s “Abandoned” Ep.1 and Interview:

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