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On Hollow Platitudes & Civilian Foot Patrols By Norse Deity Fetishists


by Sean Orr | Less talk more rock: Trudeau Government’s First Months Were Least Productive In Decades. Pfft, that’s if you only count “passing bills” as productivity. That’s, like, the old way of doing things…

I mean, what about how awesome he can talk? Justin Trudeau Throws Not-So-Subtle Digs At Trump In UN Speech. That’s like the most polite burn ever, eh. Unfortunately, his unsubtle address to the world was also meaningless.

Because for all his platitudes…well, this: Liberals back away from setting tougher carbon targets. “The Harper target was a fake target because they did nothing. It’s not a real target.” But it’s our target now, so it’s real. Wow. Talk about lowered expectations

And yet, maybe it’s something embedded in our collective subconscious: Canada’s founding myths hold us back from addressing climate change. I have to hold myself back from quoting the entire article, especially the part where Naomi Klein says “from beavers to bitumen”, but…

When someone or something – like climate science – comes along and says: Actually, there are limits, we have to take less from the Earth and keep more profit for the public good, it doesn’t feel like a difficult truth. It feels like an existential attack.

It also explains why journos like Bill Tieleman and aging boomers in the NDP are against Leap: Leap Manifesto a Trojan Horse for NDP.

Tieleman’s tongue-in-cheek comments about needing not only Site C but Sites D, E, F, G and H to meet Leap targets belies the fact that it “runs roughshod over aboriginal title”: Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould should resign over Site C, says Treaty 8 chief.

Exposing yet again, more of Trudeau’s hollow platitudes: Justin Trudeau’s lofty rhetoric on First Nations a cheap simulation of justice.

Austerity kills, redux: ‘Diabetes epidemic in Indigenous populations’ highlights disparity.

But they make for such cool branding: Gin takes it on the chin as Inuit complain of images used in sales pitch. Dear all companies ever, when accused of what is clearly cultural appropriation, don’t defend yourself. Ever. Just say that you’re sorry.

Especially when the cards are so clearly stacked against them: Annie Pootoogook,Renowned Inuit Artist, Found Dead In Ottawa. She had previously won the Sobey Prize but was living destitute and homeless, a dark imitation of her art.

But hey, let’s talk about the Royal Visit! Prince George refuses to high five Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Jesus Christ, this is news?

And this? ‘Let’s just get this over with:’ Video of Justin Trudeau with Royals gains attention. I mean, unless he was talking about abolishing the monarchy I don’t see the big deal.

Satire of the day: Royal Couple given traditional Vancouver gift of artisanal fentanyl.

Tweet of the day:

Quick! Trot out your son as some sort of victim of social media backlash! <<< That is the most viewed article on Global.

Meanwhile, when one of BC’s best political trouble-makers meets Christy Clark and asks for a photo, hilarity ensues: The Queen and I.

I saw these goofs in Blood Alley while taking out the garbage. One of them had a huge steal pipe. Thanks for making me feel super safe: Soldiers of Odin start controversial foot patrols in Vancouver. My friend ‘Sven Torpedo’ for the win:

This photo is like Vancouver’s version of The Warriors. “A ragtag team of racists try to get back home to Whiterock but Translink cutbacks force them to walk down railroad tracks to get home.”

Meanwhile, here we have the Sons of Odin looking at things.

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  1. I’m not a Trudeau hater. My biggest concern with him being elected was that he would be all style no substance. This concern came from looking at his track record. Many democratic world leaders can lay claim to an impressive list of personal and professional accomplishments. I assumed he could get by surrounding himself with smart people. Instead, he surrounds himself with other famous people and delivers increasingly empty speeches (and tweets). His accomplishments in office so far are about as compelling as his Wikipedia bio. Don’t read it, it’s a depressing story of half finished degrees and advocacy as… A master of ceremonies? Charity boxing? We are better than the USA in that those speeches are about inclusivity instead of hating, oh MexicansWomenMuslims, but not in that Trudeau backers blindly defend him because they like the word sounds coming out of his mouth. No politician should be immune from constant scrutiny or identification of hipocrisy.

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