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Neighbourhood: West End
550 Denman St.


Wednesday to Sunday, 4:45pm – 9:45pm


  • YASMA - Babba Ganouch
  • YASMA - Falafel
  • YASMA - Fattoush
  • YASMA - Fried Kibbeh
  • YASMA - Spread
  • YASMA - Grilled Kibbeh
  • YASMA - Kabab Spread
  • YASMA - Lamb Burger
  • YASMA - Mezze Dips

The People

Owner – Moe Alameddine
General Manager – Sami Mousattat
Head Chef – Kristina Walgenbach

About Yasma

Yasma tells the story of the Levant, a region that includes Syria and Lebanon. We offer an assortment of traditional Levantine dishes that are made from the finest imported spices and locally sourced, meticulously in-house butchered meats. From delicate charcoal-grilled kibbeh to hearty lamb sausages and fatteh hummus, the food is homey and smoky, simple but rich. They are dishes that are laced deeply within the Levantine culture and tied to memories of family and friends. Yasma hopes to instill in its guests fernweh, a longing for a far-off place and a deep desire to immerse oneself in a time that perhaps never was.